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Afghan Taliban Says Ready to Visit Brotherly Muslim Country PAKISTAN:

The Strong and Decisive party of Afghanistan Peace Talks, Afghan Taliban says they are willing to send their full authority delegation to PAKISTAN on the invitation by the host country. The Afghan Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen said We are ready to visit PAKISTAN, if PAKISTAN sends that meeting invitation formally.

Afghan Taliban Wants to Visit PAKISTAN
Afghan Taliban Wants to Visit PAKISTAN

The Afghan Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen also dismissed the claim that the Afghan Taliban acts as the PAKISTAN’s proxy and fighting PAKISTAN’s war in war torn Afghanistan.

The Afghan Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen said these allegations are completely false and they are only levelled by such people and group who finds no other justification to fight the Taliban.

The The Afghan Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen further said that PAKISTAN is our Proud Neighbor and a Proud Muslim country. We will definitely visit the brotherly Muslim country on a formal invitation. The Afghan Taliban frequently visits the regional and neighboring countries.

The Proud freedom fighters of the Afghanistan is the Afghan Taliban, who are negotiating the peace talks with the warring party of US to find the political solution to end the 18 years long war in the country. The Afghan Taliban is currently busy in the Afghanistan Peace Talks.

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The The Afghan Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen said on the occasion that the Afghan Taliban have divided the Afghanistan Peace Talks into two phases: external and internal.

In the 1st phase, the Afghan Taliban is holding negotiations with the foreign occupied forces and the negotiating of the 1st phase is currently in the final stages.

As far as the 2nd phase is concerned; the Afghan Taliban will negotiate with all the prime stakeholders in Afghanistan and the Afghan Taliban Spokesperson Sohail Shaheen hinted that the puppet Afghan Government can also join the 2nd phase of negotiations.

The Afghan Taliban, the US and other stakeholders are currently gathered in Qatar’s Capital Doha to find the political solution to the nearly 2-decade war in Afghanistan. Both Afghan Taliban and US are optimistic that the negotiations are going in the right direction and the world might get the early breakthrough in the negotiations soon.

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