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india Kicked Out From Afghan Peace Process by PAKISTAN:

Utter Humiliation and Embarrassment is the ultimate destiny of  indian nation. In a recent development, the exceptionally Brilliant Diplomacy of PAKISTAN forced the key indian allies to kick india out of Afghan Peace Process. Last Weekend, PAKISTAN has Joined the China, Russia and United States to propose a long-waiting peace agreement between the warring parties of Taliban and United States.

Afghan Taliban Rejects Peace Talks with Puppet Afghan Government

india has raised its agony and voice against the decision, but its voice also been avoided by the Key regional players, including PAKISTAN.

The recent successful diplomatic victory is also claimed by renowned indian newspapers by acknowledging the fact that PAKISTAN has grabbed the center stage of the Afghan Peace Process.

The recent move is the undeclared declaration that the Afghan Peace Process has entered the logical conclusion.

PAKISTAN has played its card very well to grab the key decisive position in the upcoming Afghan Peace Talks by kicking out the india is seen as the rapid change in region’s geopolitics. The india is nowhere near the Afghan Peace Process, not its  concerns are raising any eyebrows of the regional players.

The coward indian national security adviser reportedly cried in front of the last visit of US Secretary Mike Pompeo to New Delhi that the Afghan elections must take place as per the schedule, but the US bluntly opposed the request of the indian advisor.

Last but not the least, the US ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass said the destiny of the upcoming Afghan Presidential Elections could be uncertained, till the logical completion of the Afghan Peace Process. A move that could further hurt the butts of indians.

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Moreover, the india also opposes the proposed interim government in Afghanistan both with the Russia and US, but both the countries neglected indian concern.

It is important to mention that the recent ongoing Afghan Peace Process has gained momentum, despite the deadly terror attacks by the Taliban in the various parts of the country.

All the 18 year investment of india to fuel terrorism in PAKISTAN is on the brink of collapse, as the india has spent billions of dollars apparently on the construction, but it wickedly used the amount to destabilize the neighboring country PAKISTAN.

PAKISTAN has reportedly played a very crucial and vital role in bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table and keeping there. While, the United States managed to bring the key regional players China and Russia on the same page. All the four countries PAKISTAN, China, Russia and US met on July 12 in Beijing to discuss the Four-Party Joint Statement regarding the ongoing Afghan Peace Process.

All the Four Countries welcomed the recent ongoing positive development in the Afghan Peace Process and further agreed to increase contact with each other.

At the start of the month, Moscow hosts the Doha Agreement on July 7-8, which was also possible by the efforts of PAKISTAN. In the Afghan Peace Process, the Iron Brothers PAKISTAN and China look out for each other interests and india is completely out of the picture because of its policies in the region.

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In the recent move, PAKISTAN finds itself in a much more decisive position in the ongoing peace process by kicking out the india. The next meeting of PM Khan and Trump also causes sleepless nights to the indians, as it is the indication that US has also sought to end partnership with india.

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