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Major Setback to Afghanistan Peace Talks As Afghan Taliban Rejects Direct Talks With Puppet Afghan Government:

The Afghan Taliban have categorically rejected the proposed talks offered by the Afghan Government and rejected a statement which came from the Senior Afghan Minister that the Afghanistan Government is going to hold direct talks with the Afghan Taliban in next two weeks.

On Saturday, the Afghanistan Minister of Stare of Peace affairs Abdul Salam Rahimi said about the proposed plan of holding the direct talks with the Afghan Taliban in the next weeks in an undisclosed European country. The Afghanistan State Minister also said that the Afghan Government will send a 15-member delegation for the Talks.

The Afghan Taliban Spokesperson Sohail Shaheen further said that Afghan Taliban will not hold direct talks with the Afghan Government until the withdrawal of the foreign occupied forces.

He further said that chances of any direct talks would only be possible only after the departure of US and allied forces from the country. On the occasion, the Afghan Taliban Spokesperson Sohail Shaheen categorically said, “Intra-Afghan talks will start only after a foreign force withdrawal is announced,”

“The Afghan Taliban Spokesperson Sohail Shaheen said that the Intra-Afghan negotiations could only be possible after the United States agreed to withdraw its occupied forces from the soil of Afghanistan in a specified time period.”

The Special Envoy for United States Zalmay Khalilzad said on the occasion that the direct talks with the Afghan Taliban and the Puppet Afghan Government could only be possible if US concludes its own agreement with the Afghan Taliban.

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The Special Envoy for United States Zalmay Khalilzad has held multiple rounds with the Afghan Taliban and the US Special Envoy solely focus on the demand from the Afghan Taliban that Afghan Taliban would have to give assurance and guarantee that Soil of Afghanistan will not be used for Terrorist activities after the withdrawal of foreign occupied forces from the war-torn country.

But on the other hand, the Afghan Taliban has clearly refused to hold direct talks with the US puppet Afghanistan Government, denouncing it as a paralyzed puppet of the United States.

The recent statement which came from the Afghan Taliban and US Special Envoy implies that the Afghanistan Peace Talks have entered the logical conclusion and the United States might strike a deal with the Real Afghan Freedom Fighters to withdraw its forces in a bid to end the 18-year long conflict.

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According to the reliable sources, the Afghanistan Peace Talks entered in a decisive stage and the agreement between the Afghan Taliban and the United States is expected to sign the memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the coming week that concludes the withdrawal of all the foreign occupied forces in the country.

Senior level officials are optimistic that the Afghanistan Peace Talks are going in the right direction and it is the first time in ever long 18 years of Afghanistan War that the United States is keen to ink an agreement with the Real Afghanistan Freedom Fighters to end the nightmare of the Afghanistan war that has cost US both human and financial loss.

Although there are some evil forces as the indians which are working for the jeopardy of Afghanistan Peace Talks. Recently a statement came from the PAKISTAN Foreign Minister that ‘Some Elements don’t want Afghanistan Peace Talks to Succeed.’

It means that the india is using all its resources to derail the peace process initiated by the PAKISTAN in order to promote terrorist activities from the Afghan soil into PAKISTAN, but the indians is not going to succeed in their nefarious designs.

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