US Special Forces Soldiers and Foreigners Killed In A Deadly Suicide Attack near US Embassy in Afghanistan:

The Afghan Taliban claims responsibility of a deadly Suicide attack near US Embassy in Afghanistan, which resulted in the death of US and Romanian Soldiers among other VIP foreigner contractors.

US Green Beret Coffins
US Green Beret Coffins

This is the second consecutive attack by the Freedom Fighter of Afghan Taliban in one last week after US has announced the proposed draft of the peace deal with the Taliban.

The Deadly suicide blast took place in the Shash Darak area of Kabul on Thursday, which is considered as a heavily guarded and fortified area adjacent to the green zone. This sensitive area is home to several high profile and important buildings and secretariat as the US Embassy and buildings of the National Directorate of Security (NDS).

Up to 10 foreigner contractors were also killed in the blast and more than 40 people also sustained critical injuries during the blast.

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A Few hours later, the Afghan Taliban blew up the bomb laden vehicle outside an important Afghan Military Base, which results in the killing of 5 Afghan soldiers.

On the other hand, the NATO Resolute Support Mission announced in a statement that at least two highly trained foreign service members killed in action, without elaborating any details of the identification of the ‘two highly trained foreign service member.”

The independent media sources have confirmed the killing of one US and One Romanian soldier in the blast.

This is the fourth killing of US soldiers in the past two weeks in the war-torn country Afghanistan.  Afghan Taliban has killed up to 3 highly trained US Green Beret Commandos in the past two weeks in a firefight. The recent killing of the US soldier in the suicide blast tops the score up to 4.

The capital of the war-torn country Afghanistan is in the grasped of deadly and violent attach during and after the Afghan Taliban and US have agreed on a preliminary peace deal draft.

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According to the proposed peace draft deal, US will pull-out thousands of its soldiers from Afghanistan in a specified time-period.

Under the proposed peace draft deal, United States will empty five US military bases and will pull-out all the soldiers in those Military bases within the next 135 days after signing the pact by the both warring parties.

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