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CHINA Develops Next Generation Hypersonic Cruise Missile That’s More Powerful Than DF-17:

A top CHINESE Science Institute has made a revolutionary breakthrough in Scramjet program, which could potentially lead to the development of CHINA’s Next Generation Hypersonic Cruise missile that is more powerful than CHINA’s DF-17 Hypersonic Glide-Boost Missile.

CHINESE Next Generation Hypersonic Cruise Missile
CHINESE Next Generation Hypersonic Cruise Missile

According to the details released by the CHINESE Media, a team at the Institute of Mechanics under the Academy of Sciences had developed a new generation of Scramjet Engine that has the ability to continuously run and glide for 600 seconds in a ground test.

CHINA’s next generation scramjet Engine has broken the world record of 210 seconds, previously named by the United States X-51 aircraft.

It is important to mention that a Hypersonic Cruise Missiles or Hypersonic Weapons is a new generation of advanced and high-speed maneuverable weapons, which adopts different unpredictable trajectories and speeds and all the current generation of air defense systems are totally useless against these new range of lethal Hypersonic weapons.

It is worth mentioning that scramjet also known as a supersonic combustion ramjet, is basically acts as the backbone of any Hypersonic cruise missile to reach the Hypersonic speed.

The previously used scramjet in different parts of the world faced multiple challenges, including the cooling of the engine and the use of appropriate heat resistant material.

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CHINA has unveiled its DF-17 Hypersonic Glide-Boost Missile in the National Day Military Parade on October 1, 2019. This missile attracts the attention of different world capitals and top defense experts due to its unique aerodynamic design.

The DF-17 named as Hypersonic Glide-Boost Missile, because it can easily be propelled into the sky through rock and it can glide in the air by using the shock waves. The Shock Waves are generated by the weapon’s own flight.

On the other hand, the Hypersonic Cruise Missile is totally different working methodology with the exception that it glides on the constant thrust through the Scramjet engine. The scramjet engine also gives the missile the unpredictable trajectory and longer range than the Hypersonic weapons.

CHINA DF-17 is basically a short to medium range Hypersonic missile. But, after using and integrating the scramjet, the range of the weapon could significantly increase up to 5 times and it can earn the title of the intercontinental Hypersonic Missile.

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Moreover, the overall weight and size of such missiles using the scramjet are much smaller than the glide-boost missile, thus allowing it to become stealthier and quieter to dodge and destroy any air defense system of the world made till date.

Earlier in August 2018, CHINA Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation also successfully unveiled the CHINA’s first Waverider Hypersonic Flight Vehicle named as the Starry Sky-2 or Xingkong-2.

Currently, there are only three countries in the world, which have the technology to develop both sides of Hypersonic Weapons, as Glide-Boost and Cruise Missile. Now, CHINA’s new research will pave way for the next generation of Hypersonic Cruise Missile, which is quite newer for other countries, including the United States.

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