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Punctured And Fragile indian Economy Cannot Bear Costly Border Tensions With PAKISTAN And CHINA For Too Long:

india, a country which openly supports and funded terrorism in several Asian countries, is now facing another disaster from its economy. For the past decade, the indian economy was shrinking massively and the modi government has accelerated the process by drilling more holes in the economy.

Punctured indian Economy Cannot Bear Costly Border Tensions
Punctured indian Economy Cannot Bear Costly Border Tensions

India is now caught on several fronts, is now struggling to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, as it has crossed the United States of more than 79,000 daily cases. Top Analysts have predicted that the fallout of Covid-19 could sink the indian economy sooner than later.

The indian economy, which is in the brink of collapse, has bear another loss as indian GDP dived 23.9% in the 3 months at the end of the June. It is a huge setback for indian economy with no chance of surviving in the end.

Instead of focusing on correct its deteriorating economy, india trying to illegally occupy the land of its neighboring countries, which have irked dire response from PAKISTAN, CHINA, Nepal and Bangladesh.

india is always investing heavily in buying expensive military equipment from other countries. Top Analysts have termed the indian government decision as madness, as 2020 might prove to be the last year for india.

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In a recent development, the indian armed forces have once again illegally trespassed the CHINESE legal territories of the South Bank of Reqin Mountain Pass and Pangong Tso Lake in the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The situation has irked huge and sharp response from Beijing, as it has deployed several battalions of Tanks, Fighter Jet, Air Defense System along with the additional troops.

The military buildup in high altitude areas as the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is quite expensive, which may easily exhaust indian forex reserves by supplying logistics to its armed forces deployed in one of the highest battlefield of the World.

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Now, as the Winter is right on the corner, the cost of military spending can go many folds higher in the coming months. The situation can become suicidal for indian economy and india as a whole.

As at one side, it has deployed nearly 900,000 troops in illegally occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K), which are failed miserably to contain the flux of freedom fighters in the valley. Now, the fragile indian union and indian economy has to bear yet another loss to is economy by supporting its troops deployed at Line of Actual Control (LAC).

On the other hand, the CHINESE ARMED FORCES have made all the β€˜Necessary Arrangements’ in the Line of Actual Control or LAC to stop the madness of indian armed forces in the area.

The fragile indian economy, which is already on the brink, can’t support costly operations for too long and it is expected to collapse beyond the point of reviving.

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It seems that now the time has come that the World must put a decisive end to the madness of indian adventure in the South Asia, once for all.

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