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filthy india and israel Are Making Billions By Selling PAKISTAN’s Precious and Rare Pink Himalayan Salt in World Market:

ALLAH ALMIGHTY has given a plenty of natural resources to the GOD GIFTED Country of great PAKISTAN. There is an abundance of different type of natural resources from gold, copper, iron to oil, coal and gas. Amongst all the natural resources, ALLAH ALMIGHTY has also given a rarest Natural Resource in the form of Rare Himalayan Pink Salt.

Rare Pink Himalayan Salt
Rare Pink Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan Pink Salt is rare and very precious as it is only found in the world in the Khewra region of PAKISTAN and it is not found elsewhere in the world. The PAKISTANI City of Khewra is basically a World’s Largest Salt Mine situated at a PAKISTANI City of Khewra. This Rare Himalayan Pink Salt has numerous benefits over ordinary table salt and can simply be termed as the ‘Gold’ or ‘Diamond’ for great PAKISTAN.

Rare Pink HIMLAYAN Salt at Khewra PAKISTAN in Rock Form
Rare Pink Himalayan Salt at Khewra PAKISTAN in Rock Form

It is an undeniable fact that ALLAH AMIGHTY has Gifted PAKISTAN with the abundance of Natural Resources; however the poor management fails to convert real profits from these resources.

This Rare Pink Himalayan Salt is only found in PAKISTAN and not elsewhere in the world. The Government of PAKISTAN has not adopted proper strategies, planning and framework for the extraction of this rare gold from PAKISTAN. This Rare Gold Pink Himalayan Salt can easily help to support the economy of PAKISTAN in an effective manner.

Rare Pink Himalayan Salt sold by filthy india at Amazon. Watch the words and Labelling Carefully...
Rare Pink Himalayan Salt sold by india at Amazon. Watch the words and Labelling Carefully…

No Authority in the country shown interest to develop the industry for the extraction and processing of this rare gold and it is being sold to enemy states in an unprocessed and rock solid form.

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Rare PAKISTANI Pink Himalayan Salt Being Sold in israel
Rare PAKISTANI Pink Himalayan Salt Being Sold in israel by filthy israeli company

What is more painful and disturbing fact is that these Precious and Rare Himalayan Pink Salt is being sold to the PAKISTAN enemy nation at rock cheap rates to india and india sale this Gold to israel. Both the countries processed the Rare Himalayan PAKISTANI Pink Salt and sold at a much higher rate. Furthermore, india sold this Rare Himalayan Pink Salt in international market as the indian product. This Rare Gold is benefiting the PAKISTAN’s enemy states rather than the original country which is producing it.

Rare Pink Himalayan Salt Being Packed for Export
Rare Pink Himalayan Salt Being Loaded for Export

According to the reports, this Rare PAKISTANI Pink Himalayan Salt is being sold to india for a stunning 35 Paisa/KG, yes you’ve heard it right. It is not even single rupee per Kilogram and india sold this salt in a processed form in international market for about 19 to 25 Euros or 21 to 28 Dollars in a small jar. india is earning billions of dollars per annum by selling the purified form of this salt to international market, while PAKISTAN yet fails to explore its true potential.

What is Actually Pink Himalayan Salt?

The Pink Himalayan Salt also refers to as the Himalayan Sea Salt and Himalayan Crystal Sat. This salt is found in the Punjab region of PAKISTAN which is about 305 Kilometers from the Himalayan region. This region housed the World’s Oldest and richest salt fields and that are very rare.

Pink PAKISTANI Himalayan Salt Being Sold at International Market. Note the Price and Quantity...
Pink PAKISTANI Himalayan Salt

According to the reports, these salt fields are about 4 billion years old that goes back to the date of the Earth creation. This Rare Himalayan Pink Salt is native to the PAKISTAN region of Khewra and not found elsewhere in the world anywhere. The original source of all the processed Himalayan Pink Salt comes from PAKISTAN.

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Some Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt:

The Rare Pink Himalayan Salt is said to be over 99% pure and the pink or slightly reddish color variation of the salt is due to the high and rich mineral content. The Rare Pink Himalayan Salt contains a much more balanced and healthy nutrients as compare to the common white table salt. It is probably the purest form of Salt that you can find in the entire earth and it is usually mined by tools using bare hands.

One of the biggest features of the Rare Pink Himalayan Salt is that it is 99% pure by nature and it doesn’t need heavy processing like the case with the normal table salt. The Common White Table Salt is heavily processed which eliminate its minerals. Some of the treatment of the Common Table White Salt also uses the aluminum derivatives and bleaching process which proves.

  1. Helps to Maintain the Body’s pH:

The Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt in rich in natural mineral contents and it hence helps to balance the Body’s pH Levels. A proper Body pH helps to boost the immune system of the body and it also helpful for digestion as well.

  1. Helps to Improves the Respiratory Problems of the Body:

It is an undeniable fact that the inhale of dry salt air is more beneficial to the body tan the moist air. For this purpose, all the caves are now being made from the Himalayan salt for its unmatchable health benefits. The Dry Salt Air consists of negatively charged ions that help to improve the general well-being of mood and health. The inhalation of tiny salt particles in the lungs helps to remove the mucus in the lungs and it also helps to improve the other diseases as the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Sinus Congestion.

  1. Air Purifier:

By using the lamp or any other ornament created from the Rare Pink Himalayan Salt, it may help to clean and filter the air of your surroundings. The Lamp created from the Rare Pink Himalayan Salt helps to clean the air from harmful particles by attracting the certain air pollutants and water vapors. All the water vapor evaporates with the passage of time, but all the dirt particles trapped in the Himalayan Salt Lamp instead of getting into your body.

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The government of PAKISTAN must take the concrete steps into taking this precious Salt Mine into complete Government custody by putting an immediate ban and halt its export to enemy states, especially india.

Rare Pink Himalayan Salt Eye Opening Facts
Rare Pink Himalayan Salt Eye Opening Facts

The Government must make the Fact finding commission that which entity sign on this contract to sell this Rare Gold to india at rock cheap rates. The Government must take the proper steps for the management, processing and export of this precious Gold that can prove to be beneficial not for the Country’s Economy, but for the well-being of its people too.

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