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Disintegration Of india Has Started As Nagaland Declare Its Independence As A Sovereign Country in South Asia:

It seems that the total disintegration of india has started as the Nagaland has declared its independence from india by choosing their own Flag and National Anthem.

Nagaland was the state in the northeastern india and it shares its borders with Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It is important to mention that there are more than 30 Separatist movements which are active in india and wanted their independence. Nagaland is one of such movement.

Brave Naga People holding the Flag of Newly Created Country of Nagaland
Brave Naga People holding the Flag of Newly Created Country of Nagaland

The independence movement of Nagaland was initially started by the Angami Zapu Phizo which was the leader of Naga Nationalist Movement. Angami Zapu Phizo was simply known in Nagaland as the ‘Father of the Nagas.’

Angami Zapu Phizo Naga Father
Angami Zapu Phizo Father of Naga People

Angami Zapu Phizo wanted to create the Nagaland as the independent and sovereign state from the secession from india. Angami Zapu Phizo started the armed revolution for the cause under the influence of the Naga National Council, which was the political organization of the Naga people and it remain active from the 1940s to 1950 under the leadership of Angami Zapu Phizo.

On 22nd March 1956 Angami Zapu Phizo formed the Naga Central Government, which was later renamed as the Federal Government of Nagaland in 1959. This organization has an active military wing, which help to start the armed revolution against india for the creation of independent Nagaland.

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Nagaland Army
Nagaland Army Demonstrating Military Power to the World

It was the main policy of the indian government and indian forces to suppress the innocent citizens with the help of brute military force. This policy of failed indian miserably in indian occupied Kashmir and the case is same with the other states where separatist movements are active.

It is important to mention that the Armed Wing of Nagaland has killed hundreds of thousands of indian soldiers like dogs in the region and now, the indian soldiers are scared to go even near of the Nagaland valley.

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Nagaland Army Parade
Brave Nagaland Army Personnel During Parade

Now, the Brave and Valiant People of Nagaland has declared its independence from the indian secession and announced the freedom of the Nagaland with its own flag and National Anthem.

The Brave People of Nagaland will celebrate their very first independence on Aug 14th 2019. The leadership of Nagaland vows to live with the other countries of the South Asia with Peace and dignity. The New and very first Government of Nagaland extends its best wishes for PAKISTAN also.

The Brave and Valiant people of Nagaland also created its own army and warn the indian army to never ever came near the territory of Nagaland in future.

The decision of Brave and Valiant People and Students of Nagaland to celebrate their independence on 14th Aug 2019, implies that the new Country of Nagaland respect and regards its relations with PAKISTAN and PAKISTANIS very much. 

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Analysts were predicting the total disintegration of Nagaland long before and it seem that the year of 2019 would witness more than 30 new countries in the South Asia in coming weeks and the fascist and zionist indian federation would have to pay for their crimes against humanity very soon.

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