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Maoists Killed 20 Highly Trained Jaguar Commandos in a Landmine Blast In Jharkand:

At least 20 highly trained and coward jaguar personnel killed by the Brave Maoists in Jharkand by using the landmine blast in Jharkand District.

indian maoists rebels
indian maoists rebels

The Landmine Blast was carried out by the Brave Maoists Freedom Fighter in Jharkand’s Garhwa district.

The coward jaguar personnel were going to infiltrate the Maoists Freedom Fighters, when they met their painful and humiliated death.

Reports of the reliable sources suggested that the body parts of coward indian dogs scattered in the area and Maoists Freedom Fighter also opened fire on the soldiers during the attack.

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Picture of Jaguar Personnel Killed
coward indian soldiers standing at the site where 20 jaguar commandos brutally killed

It is important to mention that the coward jaguar force is a highly trained force of Jharkand designed to battle the brave Maoists freedom fighters, but the Maoists Freedom fighters have killed hundreds of thousands of so called ‘highly trained’ jaguar personnel like rabid dogs.

The dead bodies of the indian dogs reportedly left in the area for several days, as all the indian soldiers refused to go to the incident area over the fear of Maoists and their lives.  

It is pertinent to mention that Maoists Rebels have their own Government, Flag and Army.

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They are fighting the hindu fascist state for recession and demands an independence from the fragile indian state union. The Maoists Rebels also snatch all the weapons and ammo from the coward fallen indian soldiers before fleeing from the scene.

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