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Naxals Killed 30 Highly Trained indian commandos in Gadchiroli:

All the freedom movements in india have started in full motion as the Naxals have attacked and killed more than 30 highly trained coward indians commandos in indian Maharashtra state before sat their vehicles on fire.

Maoists Rebel Main New
Brave Maoists Rebel 

The Brave Naxalites freedom fighters started the attack on indian convoy by triggering the improvised explosive device (IED) blast and when the indian vehicles stopped, then Naxalites opened indiscriminate fire on coward indian commandos and killed them brutally. Later, the Naxalites torch all the vehicles of coward indian security forces to fire.

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The activities of the Brave Naxal Freedom Fighters have significantly increased under the new Naxal Commander named as Basavaraj.

The New Naxal Commander Basavaraj is a very dangerous Naxal commander, who is highly trained in armed warfare, unarmed combat and he is also considered as the export of explosives.

All the naxalites are more trained and lethal under the command of Commander Basavaraj.

Maoists killed 30 police officers and dozens of others injured when hundreds of armed and Brave Maoists rebels attacked a police convoy and slaughtered more than 30 coward indian security forces personnel back in April 2017.

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A total of 75 security officers were died like dogs alone in the year of 2017.

All the coward indian security forces personnel were travelling in a convoy to provide reinforcement to the existing police post in Gadchiroli. More than 2100 indian security forces have been killed like dogs since 2010 and the counting is still going.

It is important to mention that the Naxalites is one insurgent group active in india demanding separate homeland free from the filth of hindu zionist.

Now, the Brave Freedom Fighters of Maoists have spread up to 90 districts across 11 states and these 90 districts are now being named as the Moists Home.

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There are more than 100 different insurgent groups, which are active in fragile indian union and demanding secession from fragile indian union.

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