Protesters Turned Filthy india Into A Fireball and Curfew Imposed In Assam and Tripura Over Anti-Muslim Bill:

It seems that the logical conclusion of total disintegration of filthy india is much nearer than ever before. The cow pisses drinker terrorists of bjp passed the Anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Bill in which the citizenship of millions of Muslims living in india stripped forever. Protests erupted in all the fragile indian states over the passage of the Anti-Muslim bill and nearly all india has been set on fire.

indian protest main pic

Mass-Scale protests erupted in all the indian states over the Anti-Muslim Bill. The Protesters raised slogans against the filthy indian government and coward indian security forces in their protests.

Assam Protests

The situation is very critical as protesters openly sat fire government buildings on fire and the government officials and security forces are being killing like rabid dogs in the entire fragile indian union. 

The filthy indian government has imposed a total Kashmir like lock down and curfew in Assam and Tripura and the Coward and filthy indian security forces have started killing men and raping the women of the area.

The protesters returned to the streets and roads in all the fragile seven sister states, which are demanding secession from the fragile indian union. The protesters have blocked all the roads, burnt tyres and they have beaten to death hundreds of filthy indian security forces soldiers against the proposal.
“We will fight and oppose the bill till the last drop of our blood,” the All Assam Students Union Adviser said in a fiery speech against the fragile indian federation.


Now Assam and Tripura has also been totally locked up, internet and all communication means have been suspended indefinitely by the coward and filthy indian security forces. All the roads have been blocked by the barbed wires, markets have been closed and the coward and filthy indian security forces have started killing men and raping women in the area.
It is worth mentioning that the total lockdown of the disputed Jammu & Kashmir valley has been entered in the 122th day and yet the coward and filthy indian security forces are reluctant to lift the curfew. Now, the people of Assam and Tripura will also witness the brutalities and atrocities of the coward and filthy indian security like the Brave Brethren of Kashmiri are witnessing for the past 122 days.

Protesters are demanding the public execution of filthy indian pm modi and filthy amit shah over the passage of the Anti-Muslim Bill.

The filthy bjp initially tries to pass the bill back in 2016, but later they ran away after huge waves of protests across the country. The bill has granted citizenship to the minorities, while Muslims are totally neglected. There are more than 200 million Muslim living in india, whose citizenship have been stripped and their future is uncertain.

protesters protest against Anti-Muslim Bill

Top Defense Analysts were claiming right at the start of the second tenure of filthy indian government that the total disintegration of filthy india has started and the coming days will accelerate this disintegration by the steps of the filthy and cow pisses drinker indian government.


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