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10 coward indian soldiers killed and Dozens Injured In Blast At indian army Depot in iOJ&K:

More humiliations for the coward indian security forces as 10 indian soldiers have been killed and dozens of other injured in the blast at the indian army ammunition depot in indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K).

According to the details, the blast took place at the indian army Khundru depot in the south of the indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K), which is known as the one of the biggest ammunition depot of the coward indian army in the occupied valley.

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The coward indian army has locked down the Kashmir Valley for more than 6 months consecutively and yet the coward indian army afraid to death to lift the siege and curfew from the besieged KASHMIRI Brethren.

The coward indian army trying to hide the casualties, but the independent media claims that more than 20 indian soldiers humiliated and killed in the blast.

There are more than 900,000 coward indian security forces in the valley, but they are still reluctant to lift the Curfew over the expected fierce reaction of the Brave KASHMIRI Brethren.

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On the other hand, the TRI-ARMED FORCES of PAKISTAN have already made their preparations to go to a full scale kinetic war with its filthy neighbor india over the Kashmir issue. PAKISTAN AIR FORCE, PAKISTAN ARMY and PAKISTAN NAVY have also made synchronized and combined drills to optimize their offensive and defensive capabilities.

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