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20 Coward indian soldiers Commits Suicide in indian Occupied Kashmir:

In a recent development, more than 20 indian soldiers have committed suicide in the land-locked indian occupied Kashmir.

The illegal annexation of indian occupied Kashmir has exposed the real fascist face in front of the world and everyday india is earning more embarrassment, shame and humiliation than the previous day.

The latest coward indian soldier who has taken his life was a 33 year old coward indian soldier Commandant decided to end his life by using his own service weapon.

The coward india is using nearly all method to oppress the unarmed and innocent Kashmiri citizens and they have allowed their coward indian forces to proceed at their own will.

The coward indian government has also given immunity to all the coward indian soldiers to go and start human right violation in indian occupied Kashmir without any fear.

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The coward indian soldiers who ends his life was in a washroom and all he wrapped in his own shit after the humiliating death.

Suicide is now common in the coward indian forces and more than 13,314 coward indian soldiers ended their life alone in the years of 2016.

The ratio of suicide by coward indian forces is increasing significantly and analysts are suggesting that the figure could pass the 1 million mark at the end of the current 2019 year.

Notably, more than 20 coward indian soldiers have lifted the burden of their coward life by shooting directly into their heads.

Now india is in a great trouble as PAKISTAN is killing 5-6 indian coward soldiers across the Line of Control (LoC), while the coward indian soldiers are also committing suicide. Now, india is being cut with by the double sharp sword.

Shocking revelations revealed that not only men, but the coward indian women also started to commit suicide which are deputed for combat deputy.

The suicide of coward indian women soldiers makes 40% of their share in the national suicide figures.  The striking thing is that more coward indian soldiers are killing each day in suicides than in combat.

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The findings of the latest report revealed that one coward indian soldier is ending his life by committing suicide every three days.

More than 500 coward indian soldiers have been killed after the abrogation of Article 370 on Aug 5th till date and the counting hasn’t stopped yet.

The Brave Soldiers of PAKISTAN ARMY also started to hunt down the coward indian soldiers like dogs and coward indians are now fleeing from the check posts after leaving their weapons and ammo behind

Surprisingly, the ratio of suicide rates is also increasing among retired coward indian soldiers. For this reason, millions of coward indian soldiers are taking voluntary retirement and the figure has crossed over 9000 personnel per year.

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india is being humiliated every day and millions of people are protesting against the illegal indian actions in the indian occupied Kashmir.

The lockdown and curfew in the valley now entered the 20th day and the Brave and Innocent Kashmiris now started to dig trenches in their neighborhoods to start the hunting of coward indian soldiers, who are oppressing them.

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