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6 indian soldiers Killed in Clashes With Angry Kashmiri Protesters:

More than 6 coward indian soldiers were killed by the angry mob of Kashmiri Protesters. The coward indian forces were using the brute force against the unarmed and innocent Kashmiris, when the clashes occurred.

120 indian soldiers killed in Kashmir

Reports of the reliable sources suggested that indian soldiers started an indiscriminate fire on the protesters, which engulfed the protesters into anger and they started beating the coward indian forces with stick and stones. As a result, 6 coward indian soldiers died like rabid dogs at the spot.

The killings of the indian soldiers by innocent Kashmiris have become normal in recent weeks. The coward indian government has given a green signal to the RSS criminals and coward indians soldiers to kill the Kashmiris at your will.

The coward indian forces have martyred more than 7,000 innocent Kashmiris and more than 25,000 have been injured since the revocations of Article 370 on August 5th.

The total blockade of the indian Occupied Kashmir (ioK) has entered into the fourth week and still the coward indian forces are not giving any date to lift the curfew.

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On the other hand, the brave and valiant Kashmiri Brethren have start the protests in different parts of the Kashmir against the brutalities of the coward indian forces in the Kashmir Valley.

PAKISTAN is also making rapid advancements for a full-scale war with india very soon.

All the preparations in this regard are already in full swing and the PAKISTAN Chief of ARMY Staff General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa have also started visiting the forward formations lines along the Line of Control (LoC).

The next few weeks would be very tough for the india, as the internal fragile situation in india could lead the creation of 30 new countries in the South Asia very soon. Now, india will have to pay a very heavy price in terms of its disintegration in coming weeks.

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