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After Chandryaan 2, indian MiG-21 Aircraft Crashes During ROUTINE Flight:

More bad news for an already humiliated indian nation, as another MiG-21 aircraft crashed near the Gwalior air base in madyha pradesh today. This is the consecutive 25th crashing of indian aircraft after the Surprise Day on Feb 27.

indian MiG 21 Crashes LOL
indian MiG 21 Crashes

Reportedly, both the coward pilots managed to escape to save their lives for the moment. But both the pilots vow to crash more indian aircraft in the future.

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This is one of the most humiliated year for the already humiliated indian nation. They have already crashed almost two dozen fighter aircraft in the past 8 months. After that, the humiliated indian nation have to bear the pain of funny chandrayaan 2 failed test and now this air craft crashed happened yet again.

The indian pilots are known to crash almost every aircraft they have such as SU-30MKI, MiG-21, Bison and so on.

It is important to know that the indian pilots have crashed more than 25 aircrafts in the past 8 months alone and this crash counting hasn’t stopped yet.

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It is interesting to know that each time the indian pilots crashed aircraft, then the indian air force always said that the aircraft was on a routine mission and same the case with the latest MiG-21 crashed aircraft.

mig 21-crash-near-gwaliar-2
mig 21-crash-near-gwaliar-2

Earlier, a MiG-21 crashed in the Rajasthan, which was also on a routine mission. One month back, indian pilots managed to crash SU-30MKI in the northern part of the india, which was also on the routine mission.

Notably, the MiG-21 is the same aircraft which was shot down by the Brave and Valiant Falcons of the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE on the eve of the 27th Feb Surprise Day. The Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE also shot down the latest indian aircraft SU-30MKI on the same day and the indian nation gets humiliated in front of the whole world once again.

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