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Hundreds of indian Soldiers Killed In Clashes By Brave Kashmiri Protesters:

It seems that the indian illegal move of annexation Kashmir has started Backfire as Hundreds of indian soldiers met their humiliating and painful death at the hands of Brave and Valiant Kashmiri.

indian soldier killed by PAKISTAN ARMY
killed indian dogs lying in Ground After the Attack By Brave and Valiant Kashmiri Brothers

According to the reports of reliable sources, major protests erupted in Kashmir and the indian soldiers tried to control the protest by using the brute force. As a result, clashes erupted between Brave Kashmiri Protesters and coward indian forces.

The coward indian forces tried to use the brute force by opening indiscriminately fire on unarmed and innocent Kashmiri Protesters.

By seeing the brutality of the coward indian forces, the Brave and Valiant Kashmiri People starts beating the indian security forces and they snatch the weapons from the indian forces.

On the very next minute, the Brave and Valiant Kashmiri people opened fire from the indian weapons on the coward indian forces, that resulted in the death of hundreds of coward indian soldiers on the spot.

Reports from the reliable sources are suggested that about 250-300 indian soldiers have been killed like rabid dogs by the protesters by using the indian weapons.

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This is a huge humiliation and shame for coward indian forces and this is not the new things for the indian force as they have become used to this type of humiliation and degradation.

Reportedly, Brave and Valiant Kashmiri Brethren killed the coward indian forces like dogs and all the coward indian soldiers were shaking like slaughtered chickens at the spot. The dead bodies of coward indian dogs left on the spot for 5-6 hours and no one come to collect them

The thing which adds more humiliation to the all the indian forces is that no one from the government or forces have acknowledged this fact, like they always do in the past.

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It is a fact that if people killed some dogs under the car, then they tried to hide it from everyone about the incident. Same is the case with the death of coward indian soldiers that they are also the dogs and hence, no one wants to give a damn about their brutal deaths and they will also be disposed of in the garbage and sewers like others.

This is the first flame of the backfire started by india after the illegal annexation of Kashmir into its territory. Now, all the indian occupied Kashmir will turn into a fireball gradually, which will grab the fragile indian federation into it.

Analysts are predicting that the year of 2019 could be the final year of fragile indian federation and it may split to dozens of new countries soon.

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