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india Begs PAKISTAN to Reconsider Decision to Downgrade Diplomatic Ties, Halt Trade:

In a recent move, the humiliated india begs PAKISTAN to reconsider the decision to downgrade diplomatic ties and the halt the trade between the two countries.

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The indian Government said in a statement that it is begging PAKISTAN to reconsider the decision for downgrading of diplomatic ties and suspensions of bilateral move between both the countries.

Earlier, PAKISTAN announced that it had expelled the indian envoy from the country and PAKISTAN will not send its designate-envoy to india.

PAKISTAN has summoned indian high commissioner ajay bisaria and deputy high commissioner and both were informed about the PAKISTAN’s decision to expel the indian envoy from PAKISTAN.

The indian reaction came after the Second Meeting of National Security Council (NSC), which recommends to downgrade the diplomatic ties with india and to suspend the bilateral trade between the two countries.

The situation escalates when india decides to strip the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and to split the Jammu and Kashmir into two state unions. One of them is Jammu and Kashmir, which would have its own legislature and other is Ladakh, which would not have its own legislature.

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PAKISTAN has opposed this move by the india and the Top Military Brass of the country decides to ‘go to any extent’ to support Kashmiris.

The Top Military Brass of the country Vows to provide unconditional support the innocent and Pro-PAKISTAN Kashmiris in this time of need.

PAKISTAN has decided to take further strict steps against the india in future.

Sources are saying that PAKISTAN might also close the air space for indians once again and PAKISTAN may also suspend the Samjhota express and there are many more steps which are under consideration.

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This act of india is totally against all the international law and the charters of the United Nations (UN).

PAKISTAN has historic ties with the Kashmir Brothers and PAKISTAN has always supported the Brave and Valiant Kashmiri Brothers against the illegal oppression and occupation of indian forces, which always use brutal force against the innocent and unarmed Kashmiri citizens.

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