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india Started the War and We Are Going to Finish It:

The President of the AZAD Jammu & Kashmir Masood Khan has said that it is india who has started the war against PAKISTAN & KASHMIR by illegally annexing the indian occupied Kashmir and We will make sure to end this war on our Terms and Conditions.

indian soldiers graveyard main Feature Image
indian soldiers graveyard

The President AJK Masood Khan was responding to the coward statement by the coward indian defence minister, in a houseful public rally in Islamabad.

President Masood Khan has said they the Brave and Valiant PAKISTANI and KASHMIRI Brothers will fill the territory with the graveyards of coward indian soldiers very soon.

The President AJK Masood Khan further said that the india has directly financed all the terror activity inside PAKISTAN.

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PAKISTAN is killing more than 5-6 coward indian soldiers over the Line of Control (LoC) and now indians are afraid from the military power and might of PAKISTAN.

In the latest attempt to brutally oppress the innocent and unarmed Kashmiris, the coward indian government and indian forces.

He further added that PAKISTAN, World and Kashmiris will never ever accept the illegal annexation of indian Occupied Kashmir and will fight india to the last bullet.

The President of AZAD JAMMU & KASHMIR also slammed the double standard roles of international human rights organization over the Kashmir issue and he praised the role of Brave and Valiant PAKISTANI for expressing solidarity with the Kashmiri Brethren by hoisting the flags of PAKISTAN and AZAD JAMMU KASHMIR (Free Jammu Kashmir) together.

Notably, india is receiving severe criticism, bashing and lashing from the world due to the illegal annexation of indian occupied Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A.

Millions of people are protesting in front of indian embassies and consulates against the illegal annexation of indian occupied Kashmir.

It is important to mention that United Nations Security Council session on Kashmir took place nearly after 7 decades. In the session, the United Nation Security Council declares that indian occupied Kashmir is a disputed territory and it is not an integral part of india. Moreover, UNSC also condemned the illegal action of the indian of annexation Kashmir and to oppress the unarmed and innocent Kashmiri Citizens.

PAKISTAN has taken multi-lateral steps against the indian step to illegally and unlawfully annexation of indian occupied Kashmir. 

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Moreover, PAKSITAN has also observed the indian independence day as Black Day and it also downgrade the diplomatic ties with coward india. PAKISTAN has also suspended the trade, raid and road links with india over Kashmir dispute.

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