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indian air force chief Says Felt Ashamed And Humiliated Of Being An indian By Flying 44 Years Old Vintage Aircraft:

The indian air chief Dhanoa said that the coward indian air force pilots are still flying 44 years old Russian fighter jets and nobody in the world want to drive even the car of that old.

He said that all our aircraft are vintage aircraft and they earned the named ‘Widow Maker’ and ‘flying coffins’. He further said on the occasion that felt ashamed and humiliated by being indian.

The poor indian air chief BS Dhanoa was attending the seminar on indigenization and modernization.

The coward indian defense minister was also started to cry in the seminar while listening to this bitter fact. He said while crying that the indian air force is still flying the 4 decades old aircraft, which nobody in the world want to use even for poop.

The broken hearted indian air chief BS Dhanoa further said with the gloomy and teary eyes that “we have the facility to manufacture over 95 percent of the parts used in the MiG aircraft and even the Russians have retired all their MiG 21 Aircraft, but still we are flying these shit aircraft.”

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The Gloomy and faint-hearted indian air chief BS Dhanoa said that nobody to do shit in those old aircraft, which our pilots are forced to fly.

He further said that all the indian aircraft must be sold to scrap to earn few thousand rupees. He said that india doesn’t have even one aircraft that could compete the Air Force Power of PAKISTAN’s MIGHT AIR FORCE.

“We are still flying MiG-21 which is a 44-year-old, but nobody driving cars of that vintage,” said the crying indian air chief BS Dhanoa with a gloomy face and teary eyes. The pathetic condition of indian air force  also brought tears to the eyes of the audience as well.

It is important to mention that the indian government, people and all its armed forces have earned utter humiliation back in Feb 27 on the eve of surprise day.

The Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE manage to easily shoot down a total of two indian aircraft with the help of state of the art indigenously developed JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft.

One of the aircraft which Shoot down by the Brave Falcons of PAF was SU30MKI, while the other one was the MiG 21 aircraft, which was flying by indian Top Gun ‘Abhi None Done’ who was later captured, beaten, humiliated and given back to india on March 1 as a goodwill gesture.

All the indian government and their coward security forces stunned by the surprise they got by PAKISTAN on the day of 27th Feb Surprise day.

All the corners of indian government, indian security forces and indian media went on silent mode for about 2 months after the Surprise Day by PAKISTAN.

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After that india lost about 20 aircraft in crashes, which resulted in the painful death of about hundreds of coward indian pilots.

Important to mention that india have a total number of 872 aircraft and about 500 aircrafts have been destroyed in crashes in the past 40 years. All the pilots with the aircraft also met with their painful death with the aircraft.

Now, india has about 50-60 MiG 21 aircraft which are fit for flying and these ‘fit aircraft also crashing on several occasions.

The 20 aircraft included nearly all the aircraft the coward indian air force has as the MiG 21, SU30MKI, Jaguar, AN-32 and so on.

It is pertinent to mention that india has lost more than 20 aircraft in crashes alone in the past 6 months only due to the courtesy of MIGHTY PAKISTAN AIR FORCE.

The recent incident occurred in assam two weeks back, when an indian SU30MKI jet crashes while performing heroic deeds near the Chinese border that resulting in the death of both pilots at the spot.

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It is an old habit of all the coward indian security forces that they began to cry like a child after the retaliation of PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES, which kills all the coward indians soldiers like rabid dogs near or over the Line of Control (LoC).

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