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indian Aircraft Carrier Catches Fire – Naval Commander Burnt Alive:

The coward indian security forces has got another humiliation, as fire broke out in india’s lone aircraft carrier ‘INS Vikramaditya‘ at Karwar Harbor in Karnataka State. The fire broke out due to an UNDISCLOSED REASON and due to this fire, the indian navy commander, Lt Commander DS Chauhan dies a painful rabid dog’s death during the incident.

indian aircraft carrier fire
indian Aircraft Carrier Catches Fire – Naval Commander Burnt Alive

According to the media reports, indian navy commander LT Commander DS Chauhan lost his consciousness due to the firefighting effort and later he met his fate after being taken to the hospital. Nevertheless, the firefighter manages to save the india’s lone aircraft carrier from being MORE damaged.

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The fire has also affected the ship’s combat capability considerably. As always, the inquiry board has been ordered by the authorities to ascertain the reasons behind this carnage. However, indian authorities no give further details regarding the causalties and damages, as some international media report says that the more casualties have occurred and it damaged the ship main control system.

Some media reports suggest that the indian navy commander was burnt alive and met his painful destiny during the incident, but the indian authorities are manipulating the fact, as always.

The 284 meters long and 60 meters Aircraft carrier ‘INS Vikramadditya’ was commissioned into the indian navy back in Nov, 2013 as the Sevmash Shipyard in Russia’s Northern part of Severodvinsk and it is brought to india for “Heroic Deeds” in Jan, 2014.

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The aircraft is as high as a normal 20-Storeyed building and it weighs massive 40,000 tonnes. This lone aircraft carrier is one of the heaviest and heaviest combat ship in the entire indian navy.

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