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indian Dream of Landing the Chandrayaan-2 On Moon Remains A Dream:

The humiliated india earns more humiliation on Saturday, as the spacecraft Chandrayaan-2, which india sent into space for ‘soft landing’ on moon failed miserably to reach its target and destroyed during the journey.

indian lunar chandrayaan 2failed
indian lunar chandrayaan 2 failed

It was the dream of the india to become the fourth country in the world that has sent and landed its spacecraft on the moon. A lot of indian dreams shattered as the indian spacecraft failed to reach its due target.

The indian space agency claims that the spacecraft Chandrayaan-2 was about to hit the moon’s surface, when its communication was lost.

On the other hand, Analysts from around the world rubbishes this claim that india is bluntly lying over its failed spacecraft launch, as the Chandrayaan-2 was destroyed in the journey even before reaching the space.

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The indian space agency ISRO headquarter was filled by the scientists and engineers also left big tears to the eyes of all participants over the launch failure.

The head of indian space agency k sivan began to cry with big crocodile tears on the fail launch. The coward and humiliated prime minister modi also present in the space agency headquarter to witness the launch.

Reportedly, the coward indian prime minister also cried in pain over the fail launch. Both the indian prime minister and ISRO chief hugged and cried with a full heart in the middle of the space agency headquarter because of the humiliation.

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The indian ISRO chairman sivan said while crying that it was the dream of every indian to become the fourth country of the world, who has the ability to land spacecraft on the moon. But, all the indians again felt humiliated and ashamed of being indian.

The humiliated india made has again made itself a laughing stock as it says that it had spent only $150 Million for the Moon Mission.

Top Defense Analysts have also rubbished this claim that india is again lying as usual as the budget of Avengers Endgame was about $356 Million, which is about the twice used in the funny indian Chandrayaan-2 moon mission.

On the other hand, the PAKISTANI Minister says that PAKISTAN has irrefutable proof that the funny indian chandrayaan Spacecraft landed in a sewer in new delhi. Analysts are claiming that PAKISTANI claim could be correct, as all the indian government and indian media is just a bunch of lie.

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