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indian Independence Day Being Observed as ‘Black Day’:

PAKISTANIS and KASHMIRIS across PAKISTAN and on both Line of Control are observing the indian Independence Day as Black Day to express solidarity with the Kashmiri Brethren.

indian independence Black Day Main Pic
indian independence Black Day

PAKISTAN has decided to observe the indian Independence Day as Black Day as a protest against the unilateral action of india to illegal annexation of Jammu and Kashmir after changing its special status.

PAKISTAN has decided to take several steps to stage protest against the illegal, unlawful and inhumane indian move and Black Day Observance was one of the such proposed steps.

Black flags will be hoisted across the different cities and province of the country, including the Azad Jammu & Kashmir (Free Jammu & Kashmir) in protest to the unlawful and illegal indian move.

Different protest rallies and seminars would be organized in nearly all major and small cities of PAKISTAN to highlight the barbaric acts of indian forces in Kashmir the last 10 days.

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Earlier, PAKISTAN has also decided to celebrate its 73rd Independence Day in Solidarity with Kashmir as ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ to express solidarity with the oppressed Kashimir Brethren against the illegal acts of indian government and forces over the past ten days.

A Spokesperson for Azad Jammu Kashmir Government told the media, “All the participants of protest rallies will hoist black flags on the building and will wear black bands around their arms by Kashmiri living in and across the Line of Control (LoC).

It is important to mention that the india made mockery of all the International Laws and UN Charter by revoking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir through a presidential order on Aug 5th.

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PAKISTAN strongly opposed the illegal move of annexing Kashmir by india and vows to raise the issue on all international forums.

PAKISTAN MILITARY also vows to ‘Go to any extent to support the Kashmiri Brethren and PAKISTAN MILITARY has also started the deployment of heavy military gear, Fighter Jets and Artillery along the Line of Control.

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