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UNSC To Hold Special Closed Session On Kashmir Dispute After 70 Years:

United Nation Security Council will hold a special session behind closed doors to discuss the deteriorating Situation of indian Occupied Kashmir after the wake of Article 370 abrogation. The UNSC will stick to the closed session despite the reservation from France to act otherwise.

UNSC Kashmir Main Feature Image
UNSC Kashmir Session

PAKISTAN’s all weather-ally China has assured unconditional Support to PAKISTAN on the issue and it requests the United Nations Security Council Session behind closed doors.

The President of the United Nations Security Council Joanna Wronecka told the media that the United Nations Security Council will discuss the recent alarming situation of Jammu and Kashmir behind closed doors that is likely to take place on August 16th 2019.

It is a landmark achievement in the history of Kashmir that the United Nations Security Council is going to hold a special session on Kashmir after the span of 70 years.

india revokes the special status of Jammu & Kashmir by revocation of the Article 370 that will allow non-Kashmiri residents to buy property in Kashmir and the indian government and indian security forces will force the native Kashmiri Residents to leave Kashmir.

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The main purpose of this move is to depopulate the Muslim Kashmiri and change the status of Kashmir from Muslim Majority Region to hindu majority region. This move is strongly opposed by PAKISTAN on both military and diplomatic levels.

PAKISTAN has also started the deployment of its lethal fighter jets, tanks and armored in the military bases located near Line of Control.

It is important to mention that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has adopted several resolutions on Kashmir between the years of 1948-50’s, including one which says a plebiscite should be held in Muslim Majority Kashmir to determine the future of the valley.

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Since 1949, UN has deployed its peacekeepers in both PAKISTAN and india to observe a ceasefire between two-Nuclear Armed Countries.

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