Coward indian Wing Commander Burnt Alive As indian Micro Light Aircraft Crashed in Patiala:

More humiliations for the coward and humiliated for the already humiliated indian security forces as another coward indian air force wing commander burnt alive as indian microlight aircraft crashed in Patiala.

indian microligth aircraft crashed in patiala and wing commander burnt alive
Coward indian Wing Commander Burnt Alive As indian Micro Light Aircraft Crashed in Patiala

The coward indian air force wing commander was providing training to young cadets in the microlight aircraft, when it crashed in goa., which resulted in the painful and humiliating death of the coward indian air force commander, while the cadets sustained life threatening injuries in the accident.

This is the second aircraft of the indian air force, which is also known as the crashed force of the world. Two days ago, an indian navy MiG-29K aircraft crashed off coast in goa, which result in the death of the pilot on the spot.

The coward indian air force purchased up to 194 microlight aircraft from Slovenia back in 2015 to train cadets. The microlight aircraft is powered by an 80 HP aviation engine and it has a maximum speed up to 220 Kilometers.

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This is the second indian aircraft crashed in the week. The coward indian force has earned the reputation of the world’s most incompetent and filthiest air force of the art, which has perfected the art of crashing nearly all types of aircraft.

The coward indian air force has crashed more than 22 aircrafts in the past one year alone after the humiliation and surprise day by PAKISTAN AIR FORCE back in February 27, 2019. In which the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE not only managed to destroy the two indian star fighter jet, including SU-30MKI and MiG-21, but also all the dignity and respect of the coward indian air force.

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