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Incompetent, Corrupt And Biased judiciary and CJP asif khosa Only Want To Implement Laws Against PAKISTAN ARMY In The Country:

The outgoing cjp of PAKISTAN justice asif khosa and the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN only want to implement laws against PAKISTAN ARMY in the country. The incompetency of judiciary, judges and lawyers is not a myth anymore, as they have totally failed to give justice to a common man even after hearing the case for years.

The snake altaf hussain was murdering innocent PAKISTANI citizens in Karachi for the past 30 years and yet the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN deliberately seen all the dead bodies of PAKISTANI citizen and they failed to present any charges against the altaf hussain.

Let’s have a Glimpse at the Heroic Deeds of Incompetent and Biased judiciary of PAKISTAN:

  1. MODEL TOWN CARNAGE, CULPRITS pmln, Shahbaz sharif, rana sanaullah, etc RESULT – ZERO:

In 2014, the party pmln has killed over 80 innocent Citizens in Model Town Lahore and in spite of all the evidence, the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN even after hearing the model town case for years, criminally freed the main culprits of Model Town Carnage to set free.

Image 6


In 2012, fire broke out in Baldia Town Factory in Karachi in which more than 260 innocent PAKISTANI Citizens burned to death. The main culprit behind that arson was MQM, who torched the factory for failing to get the extortion money.

Image 5

But, despite all the key evidence and the statement of the Owner of the factory, the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN failed to deliver justice to UNKNOWN REASONS. Is this due to the incompetency of Judiciary or fear of altaf hussain.

3. MEMO GATE SCANDAL, CULPRIT, hussain Haqqani, zardari, RESULT – ZERO:

In 2011, the asif ali zardari sent a memorandum to US admiral mike mullen to assist in the total civilian takeover in PAKISTAN by abolishing the PAKISTAN ARMY and its intelligence agencies from PAKISTAN and to form a new security agency based on the model of US homeland security. The memorandum was drafted by the Hussain Haqqani at the behest of the then president of PAKISTAN asif ali zardari. The memo was delivered to Mike Mullen through the then US National Security Advisor James Jones.

Image 2

The Supreme Court and incompetent judiciary of PAKISTAN open broader inquiry into the matter and the incompetent judiciary let the and traitor to flew out from PAKISTAN and declared that Memo Case cannot be heard. This was yet another tight slap on the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN.

4. PTM, Manzoor pashteen, Mohsin dawar, etc, RESULT – ZERO:

The us and india sponsored terrorist organization pashtoon tahaffuz movement had openly threatened the PAKISTAN SECURITY FORCES, including the PAKISTAN ARMY in open rallies, seminars, meetings and press conferences and yet the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN failed to take a notice.

ptm aghan indian nexus
PTM indian afghan Nexus

This is so because the Manzoor pashteen is barking against PAKISTAN ARMY, which clearly implies that the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN also wanted the same.

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4. geo tv Propaganda against PAKISTAN ARMY and Intelligence Agencies, hamid mir, mirshakeel ur rahman, Result – ZERO:

The tv channel geo anchor was mysteriously attacked and the next minute the fitlhy and pro indian tv channel geo tv started propaganda that DG ISI Lieutenant General Zaheer Ul Islam is behind the attack.

Geo main

The propaganda continues for more than 8 hours continuously and yet the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN failed to take notice for maligning the state institutions of PAKISTAN. Perhaps, that was also the agenda of the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN.

5. Uzair Baloch, asifalizardari, faryaltalpur, qaimali shah, RESULT – ZERO:

PAKISTAN RANGERS arrested the asif ali zardari backed number 1 terrorist of lyari known as Uzair Baloch. Uzair Baloch openly admits that Zardari has collaborated with the Iranian intelligence agencies and he provided the sensitive information related to Corps HQ Karachi to Iranian agency.

Image 7

Uzair Baloch Openly admits that he had created a serious law and order situation in karachi at the behest of zardari, faryal  talpur, qaim ali shah and other prominent leaders of ppp. Despite all the facts and proofs, the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN failed to take action against the INFLUENTIAL CRIMINALS due to UNKNOWN REASONS.

6. Dr. Asim, asif ali zardari, faryal talpur, other leaders of ppp, RESULT – ZERO:

Dr. Asim was another leader of ppp and considered as the right hand man of zardari. The Dr. Asim was inducted in RS. 460 Billion corruption cases by the accountability court.

Dr. Asim Main Pic

The Dr. Asim make billions of illegal money for zardari and other ppp leaders by illegal gains, kickbacks, fertilizer cartel, money laundering and so on. Despite having all the proofs, the incompetent, corrupt and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN was reluctant to act against the INFLUENTIAL CRIMINALS and instead gave a CLEAN CHIT to Dr. Asim that he was allowed to leave the country.

Dr. Asim leaves the country and he never returned back again, thanks to this competent Judiciary.

7. Dawn Leaks, Nawaz sharif, mariyum Nawaz – RESULT – ZERO:

The personal enmity and grudge of the leader of pmln Nawaz against PAKISTAN and its institutions is not a new thing. The Nawaz sharif along with his daughter mariyum tried their level best to malign the state institutions, especially PAKISTAN ARMY with their acts.

The daughter of Nawaz sharif gave inside details of the secret and confidential meeting to the dawn media group. The incompetent judiciary of PAKISTAN despite having all the proofs against Nawaz sharif and mariyum Nawaz failed to induct the INFLUENTIAL CRIMINALS due to some UNKNOWN REASONS.

The real level of the judiciary is defined by Nawaz sharif by saying that “We don’t hire lawyers, we directly bought judges’. Yet the incompetent judiciary of PAKISTAN failed to act against any of the culprit named in the dawn leaks report and finding.

8. NaqeebullahMehsud Murder, raoanwar, asifalizardari – RESULT – ZERO:

Naqeebullah Mehsud was a law abiding citizen of PAKISTAN living peacefully in Karachi. On January 3, 2018 Naqeebullah Mehsud was kidnapped by the rao anwar along with his two friends from Gul Agha Hotel in Sohrab Goth, Karachi. Later, the both friends of the Naqeebullah Mehsud were freed on January 6th by police, but police didn’t release Naqeebullah Mehsud and they torture him.

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Image 3

On January 13, 2018, NqeebullahMehsud was killed in fake encounter staged by the Rao Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Karachi Malir rao anwar. The SSP rao anwar is the right hand man of zardari. The incompetent judiciary of PAKISTAN despite having all the proofs, refrained from inducts the INFLUENTIAL CRIMINALS in Naqeebullah Mehsud murder due to some UNKNWON REASONS.

The father of Naqeebullah Mehsud  also died in December 2018 by seeking justice from the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN and yet the incompetent judiciary of PAKISTAN is still playing the wait and watch game, because the main culprit has direct linked to the ppp party.

9. Lawyer Brutally Attacked and Tortured Women Outside Court in Shakargarh – RESULT – ZERO:

In Oct, 2019, a video went viral on social media that a lawyer from brutally tortured and attacked a women in a local court in Shakargarh, Punjab. The lawyer was seen kicking and beating the women in the video. The women in the video later identified as the Amrat Bibi, who went to attend the court hearing.

Lawyer attacked Women in Shakargarh

During the brawl, the Competent Lawyer brutally tortured, kicked and pushed the women in the broad daylight. The Competent lawyer also torn the clothes of the women and women was critically injured in the attack.

Despite being clearly recognized in the video, yet again the incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN failed to act against its Competent Lawyer due to Some UNKNOWN REASONS.

This is the real and face of the judiciary of PAKISTAN. They only want to act against PAKISTAN ARMY and other state institutions just to fulfill the agenda of foreign forces. The judiciary of PAKISTAN is not sincere with PAKISTAN and now the biased judiciary of PAKISTAN is not the third pillar of state, it now acts as the fifth column of the enemy.

10. Lawyers Attack at Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Lahore, 250 Lawyers, Result – ZERO:

On 11th December, 2019, a group of more than 250 incompetent and lawyers wielded with arms, weapons and sticks stormed the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) at Noon.

lawyers attacked at PIC Hosptical Lahore

Upon reaching the hospital, the incompetent lawyers split into different groups and attacked the different parts of the hospital department and wards. The video went viral on social media clearly shows that the lawyers in their suits and ties, beating hospital staff and smashing hospital equipment with sticks and pistols.  

Furthermore, the incompetent and lawyers also attacked the nurses in their hostel by beating the staff and breaking the furniture. The lawyers also burn cars in the parking area of the hospital.

Due to this havoc created by the lawyers, more than 3 patients died on the spot, because the medical staff could not attend them due to violence by the lawyers.

Despite being clearly recognized the faces of the lawyers in the video footage, the incompetent and biased cjp justice khosa expressed SORROW over the incident and refrain from taking any swift action against the lawyers terrorism in the country. 

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11. Allowing nawaz sharif to Go Offshore For Platelet Drama, pmln nawaz sharif, RESULT – ZERO:

In November, 2019, the , corrupt and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN once again proves their corruption and biased approach by letting go the convicted and nawaz sharif to go to UK for platelet drama. The nawaz sharif wanted to go offshore, so he created the platelet drama.

Nawaz going abroad

The incompetent and corrupt judiciary of PAKISTAN once again gave a clear message to the Brave and Valiant PAKISTANI Nation that the incompetent judiciary of PAKISTAN wants to implement separate laws for the corrupt and bureaucrats, separate for its armed forces, separate for its ordinary citizens and separate for its own corrupt judges and lawyers.

12. Granted Bail to asif ali zardari for staged sickness drama, asif ali zardari, faryal talpur, etc RESULT – ZERO:

The , incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN once again prove that they are good for nothing by granting bail to corruption convicted asif ali zardari to go offshore, like the nawaz sharif.

13. Granted Bail to khursheed shah, faryal talpur ppp, RESULT – ZERO:

The incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN also grants the bail to another convicted criminal from ppp Khursheed ali shah. The incompetence and biased approach of the judges only want to implement laws against PAKISTAN ARMY, but they are too afraid to take any action against the and corrupt lawyers, judges, politicians and bureaucrats, who are the real filth of this sacred country.

Court grant bail to filthy khursheed shah and faryal talpur

There are thousands of such examples that laws are made different for all the citizens of PAKISTAN on the behest of corrupt, incompetent and biased judiciary of PAKISTAN.

To the Incompetent and Biased CJP Justice Khosa, PAKISTAN is run and saved by PAKISTAN ARMY, not your lawyers, who only know how to kick women in courts and kill patients in ICU wards. You have now proven your incompetence, biased approach and betrayal with this sacred Country PAKISTAN.

PAKISTAN AND PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES are here to stay and they will stay here forever. If incompetent and biased lawyer and judge want to die with humility with this fact, then they surely can die with humility and pain.






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