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High Profile indian Scientist Claimed Cow Dung and Cow Urine Can Protect india From PAKISTANI Nukes:

The coward indian nation doesn’t needs anyone in the world for their humiliations, as they are suffice for it. In a recent development, the high profile indian scientist claimed the Cow Dung and Cow Urine can protect from Nuclear Radiations.

Cow Dung indians LOL

The latest shocking research was done by the coward indian man Shankar lal, who is the president of the akhil bharitiya gau sewa singh, a cow saving outfit and has closed affiliations with the extremist and terrorist RSS.

The coward indian researcher claim that if anyone want to protect her or him from harmful Nuclear radiation, then they should drink the cow piss and apply the aromatic cow dung on the body.

The Head of PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Direct General Asif Ghafoor also grabbed this latest research by the indian scientist and share the video with a tweet:

The coward indian research scientist further claimed that if anyone want to protect from the harmful radiation of the mobile phone as the Note 9, Note 10 or iPhone X, then they should immediately apply the cow dung on their smartphone, as the aromatic cow dung will help to reduce the emission of harmful radiations.

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Cow dung indian LOL

All the claims of the high profile indian scientist shankar lal were rejected immediately by the various researchers and scientists immediately. The high profile indian scientist further claimed that cow urine and cow dung are ‘beneficial for human health’.

According to the coward indian scientist, the secret of his 76 Years long and healthy life is that he eat cow dung and drink cow urine, which helps to kept him healthy, wealthy and wise.

The coward indian moron scientist further claimed that his discovery has made the indian invincible from any incoming nuclear attack from PAKISTAN in the future, because india has a lot of cow, a lot of urine and a lot of cow dung that will protect from PAKISTAN’s Lethal Nuclear Missiles.

The indian moron scientist that his recent research of cow dung and cow urine has impressed the scientists and researchers of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and they also admit the fact that drinking cow urine and eating of cow dung can protect from nuclear radiations.

The coward indian moron scientist shankar lal went on to stay US has made several centers to protect its population from nuclear radiations and when he asked How they can protect india for a similar situation?

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He was told “Just dig a trench, put leaves and wooden planks on it, then place 1.5 to 2 ft layer of aromatic cow dung on it, as it will save the entire india from the Nuclear Radiations of PAKISTANI Missiles.

Host and all the participants of the show were stunned by the funny facts and seems not believe even 1 percent of the lie claimed by the moron and high profile indian scientist shankar lal.

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