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modi Gets More Humiliated As PAKISTAN Denied Airspace For Overflight:

Humiliation, embarrassment, ashamed are just the three words, but the real meaning of all these three words is better known by all coward indians and the indian pm modi. In a recent development, PAKISTAN denies the use of its airspace for overflight of indian pm modi on route to the United States.

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humiliated Modi

The indian pm modi was to scheduled to leave  for US on September and the indian high commission had sought the airspace permission from PAKISTAN for indian pm modi, but PAKISTAN bluntly refuses the indian request.

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The total blockage and siege of indian occupied Kashmir has entered its 40th day and yet all the coward indian security forces have failed miserably to control the flux of brave protesters in different parts of the indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

PAKISTAN said that it has refused the airspace to indian pm due to the inhumane and prevalent situation created by the coward indian government and indian security forces.

On the other hand, the coward and terrorist indian government protest against the airspace denial by PAKISTAN and PAKISTAN strongly rejected the indian protest too

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Earlier, PAKISTAN had refused the use of its airspace to another coward indian president few days back, who was also scheduled to visit European countries.

Now, the coward indian pm had to go for a long route to get to US. PAKISTAN has also sought the complete denial for the use of its airspace by all indian commercial flights. Previously, PAKISTAN imposed a total ban on all commercial indian flights, which resulted in the bankruption of a number of indian flight companies.

This is another major blow to india right over its ugly and face by PAKISTAN and PAKISTANI reaction would become harsh, if india doesn’t lift the siege and total blockade of Kashmir in the coming days.

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