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First Super Mushshak Trainer cum Attack Aircraft For TURKISH AIR FORCE Has Been Rolled Out At PAC Kamra In Sacred PAKISTANI Colors:

More Blessings for the Great and Brotherly Nation of PAKISTAN AND TURKEY, as PAKISTAN Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra. The first Super Mushshak Trainer Cum Attack Aircraft has been rolled out by the PAKISTAN Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra and the Aircraft has been painted in the Sacred PAKISTANI Colors.

First Super Mushshak Trainer Cum Attack Aircraft For TURKISH AIR FORCE Has Been Rolled Out At PAC Kamra In Sacred PAKISTANI Colors
First Super Mushshak Trainer Cum Attack Aircraft For TURKISH AIR FORCE Has Been Rolled Out At PAC Kamra In Sacred PAKISTANI Colors

The Super Mushshak is  Trainer Cum Attack Aircraft indigenously built in PAKISTAN by the PAKISTAN Aeronautical Complex Kamra.

The Super Mushshak Trainer Cum Attack Aircraft is equipped with the six numbers of hardpoints under the wing pylon and these hardpoints can be used to arm the aircraft with the variety of missiles and rockets.

The Super Mushshak Trainer and Attack Aircraft Aircraft can also be armed with the Missiles and Rockets and this ability has earned the name of Super Mushshak as Hybrid Aircraft. It means the Aircraft can be used to serve dual purpose as the Air Force can use this the Aircraft as a Trainer aircraft, but it also be changed to the Combat Aircraft in a matter of time.

It is pertinent to mention that both PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother TURKEY has signed the contract for the acquisition of 52 Numbers of Super Mushshak Trainer Aircraft with the PAKISTAN at the International Defense Exhibition of IDEAS 2016.

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As per the contract, the PAKISTAN to deliver all the 52 Aircraft to its All Weather Strategic partner and Iron Brother TURKEY in three batches. The delivery of the first batch is expected to be complete in 2020 with the delivering of 3 numbers of Super Mushshak Trainer Cum Attack Hybrid Aircraft.

Super Mushak Aircraft PAKISTAN
Super Mushshak Aircraft

The deliveries of the remaining aircraft will continue in the next batches every six months and the delivery of all aircraft is expected to be completed by the year of 2022.

After getting the delivery of the first three Super Mushshak trainer cum combat Aircraft, the TURKISH AIR FORCE (TAF) will carry out several tests. It is expected that PAKISTAN Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra will deliver the 7 more aircraft to Brotherly Country TURKEY by the end of 2020.

The initial and preliminary contract was signed on the 23rd November 2016 at IDEAS Defense Exhibition at Karachi, while the official contract was signed in May 2016 in Istanbul, TURKEY.

The TURKISH AIR FORCE (TAF) has placed the order of Super Mushshak Trainer Cum Attack Hybrid Aircraft in order to replace its ageing fleet of SF-260D and T-41 being in Service in the TURKISH AIR FORCE.  

The latest and upgraded version of the Mushshak Trainer Cum Attack Aircraft is an upgraded version of the Aircraft that is equipped with the most sensitive armament and munitions, sensors, electrical instruments, rudder trim, cockpit air-conditioning, electric cum manual and it is powered by a more powerful engine that its predecessors.

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Super Mushshak Trained and Attack Aircraft
Super Mushshak Trained and Attack Aircraft

The Super Mushshak Hybrid Trainer and Attack Aircraft is built in compliance with the FAR part 23 certification in the categories normal, utility and aerobatics. Furthermore, the spacious side by side cockpit gives a good view to the Instructor and the Student that aids in effective “watch me” instruction.

The Super Mushshak Aircraft can also be used for attack purposes and it is considered as an ideal trainer cum attack aircraft for instrument flying and basic flight training.

The Super Mushshak Combat Cum Attack Aircraft has a total service ceiling of 22,000 feet and it has a maximum speed up to 268km/hr. The total range of the aircraft is up to 814 Kilometers.

It is pertinent to mention that the Super Mushshak Trainer is already in service with the Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Oman, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Nigeria and Qatar have also placed advanced orders for the acquisition of the said aircraft being built at the PAKISTAN Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra.

Salient Features of Super Mushshak Attack and Trainer Aircraft:

  1. Trainer cum Combat Aircraft
  2. Combat ready Aircraft
  3. Propeller engine
  4. Equipped with six hardpoints for arming with Missiles and Rockets
  5. Short take-off and short landing
  6. Final approach speeds
  7. Low pitch
  8. Basic Maneuverability
  9. VHF / UHF Radio
  10. Equipped with IFF and GPS
  11. High side wind limit
  12. Capable of interrogating friendly enemies
  13. Side by side canopy version for better viewing angle for both student and the instructor
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Technical Specifications of the Super Mushshak Trainer and Attack Aircraft:

  1. Country of Origin: PAKISTAN
  2. Built Facility: PAKISTAN Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra
  3. Total length of Aircraft: 23.5ft (7.15 meters)
  4. Total height of Aircraft: 8ft 6 Inches (2.6 meters)
  5. Weapon Hardpoints: 6
  6. Wingspan of the Aircraft: 29ft (8.85 meters)
  7. Total Wing Area of the Aircraft: 11.9 m²
  8. Maximum Takeoff Weight of the Aircraft: 2,755 lbs (1.250 Kg)
  9. Engine Power: 260hp (At international Standard Atmosphere (ISA), 2,700 rpm)
  10. Type of Engine: 6-cylinder Textron Lycoming IO-540 V4A5
  11. Service Ceiling of the Aircraft: 22,000ft (6,705m)
  12. Total Range of the Aircraft: 814 Kilometers
  13. Total Fuel Capacity of Aircraft: 47 Gallons (In two Separate internal fuel Tanks)
  14. Cockpit Type: Canopy, Side by Side
  15. Total Crew Capacity: 3 people, Instructor (Pilot) and Co-Instructor (Student or Co-Pilot)
  16. Total Endurance: 4 Hours 15 Minutes
  17. Air Conditioning Option: Yes








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