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india Admits Downing of Mi17 Chopper Was a Big Mistake During Dogfight With PAKISTAN On The Eve of 27th Feb Surprise Day:

The coward indian air force has bluntly admitted that it had ‘Mistakenly’ hit its own chopped with a surface to surface missile during the eve of the 27th Feb Surprise Day. 

indian flag humiliation
indian flag humiliation

This humiliated mistake was accepted by the new coward indian air force chief bhadauria, who has already made headlines due to the remarkable size of his belly. Furthermore, the indian air force nicknamed as Phoolababba by his coward fellow pilots.

Notably, the bodies of all 6 coward indian military personnel were completely burnt badly and they were only identified by their cloth remnants.

All the coward indian armed forces were humiliated in front of the whole world and the whole world was laughing at their silly acts and cowardness.

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This is the reason that they blindly track everything that comes in their radar regardless of friend or foe. As a result, 6 coward indian military personnel and one civilian met their painful and humiliated death.

The brave falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE shoot down one indian SU-30MKI and one MiG-21 Fighter jets in air to air combat. All the coward indian forces stunned and surprised by the rapid and lethal response by the PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES. 

The coward indian air force chief said with tears in eyes that, “It was our mistake as our missile had hit our own chopper. We will take action against two officers. We accept this was our big mistake and we will ensure such mistakes are not repeated in future”.

indain chopper crashed
indian chopper crashed

The incompetence of indian air force could easily be judged that the coward indian air force commission tool almost 8 months to assert that it was the mistake, while the PAKISTAN MILITARY has made it clear right on the 27th February that india had shot down its own gunship chopper in the indian occupied Kashmir (iOK).

All the indian armed forces are the bunch of liars. The only domain they are trained well is to lie and distort all the accurate facts and figures as per their interest. They have done master in tactical lies just to brand their filthy country as the world’s only superpower.

The coward indian air force chief bhadauria has not admitted the downing of military chopper, now we are waiting that the coward indian air force chief will also tell his nation that how PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has shot down their star fighter Aircraft SU-30MKI and MiG-21 in the dogfight over the disputed Kashmir territory.

We hope that they will also admit the mistake that they didn’t hit any PAKISTANI FIGHTER JET during the indian humiliation day on 27th Feb, 2019 in next few weeks. 

By the Way Tea is Still Fantastic and if any coward indian pilot like “Abhi None Done” want to taste it, then just Cross the line and you will Sip TASTY PAKISTANI TEA with the hospitality of PAK ARMY . . .

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