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PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Celebrates Golden Jubilee Of Mirage Fighter Jets:

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Mirage Fighter Jets after successfully completed the 50 Glorious years of joining the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Director General Public Relations (DGPR PAF) said in an official statement on the official Twitter account.

Mirage Fighter of PAF
PAKISTAN Mirage Aircrafts

A graceful ceremony was held at the Operational Air Base of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE. President of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN graced the ceremony as the Chief Guest.

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has purchased a total of 150 Mirage III Fighter Jet in over the last 5 decades. PAKISTAN AIR FORCE inducted the Mirage III Fighter Jet very first time in the fleet back in 1956.

The European-made Mirage III Fighter Jet makes headlines by flying at the speed of sound on its very first flight.

The figures and data released by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in 2020, the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has 582 State of the art Fighter Jet and up to 70,000 Active Duty Personnel.

“PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) celebrates Golden Jubilee of Mirage aircraft.  A graceful ceremony is being held at an Operational Air Base of PAF.  President ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, Dr Arif Alvi is the Chief Guest at the occasion,” DGPR PAF.

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE inducted different variants of Mirage III Fighter Aircraft in its arsenal, including Mirage 3DDP, Mirage Five EF, Mirage-5 and Mirage III. PAKISTAN upgraded the Mirage III Jet with under the massive Project ROSE (Retrofit Of Strike Element).

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After the upgrade, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE installed the RA’AD Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) and lethal Beyond Visual Range (BVR) Missile in the Mirage Jet. After the upgrading, the Jet is capable of landing and taking off on Motorways.

According to the Project ROSE, Mirage III Fighter Jet new Head Up Display (HUD), Multifunctional Display (MFD), Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS), Sagem Naval Attack System, Radar Altimeter, New GPS System, New Navigational Systems, Electronic Countermeasures and the Radar Warning Receivers were installed in the Mirage III ROSE Fighter Aircraft.

PAF armed these fighter jet with different lethal munitions, bombs and smart bombs, including the H4 Stand-off Weapons (SOW), H2 Stand-Off Weapons (SOW), Takbir Glide Bombs and different variants of Nuclear Capable RA’AD Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM), including RA’AD ALCM MK-I and RA’AD ALCM MK-II.

The Mirage III Jets in the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE inventory is equipped with the Advanced Sensors and radars systems that allows the Aircraft to continue its combat mission even at night. For night attacking capability, the Mirage Aircraft is equipped with the HMD capability and RC400 Radar.

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PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Mirage Fighter Jet During Overhauling
PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Mirage Fighter Jet During Overhauling

According to some unverified media reports, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is looking to replace the Mirage III Fighter Jet from Pride of PAKISTAN JF-17 Thunder Block-I, Block-II and Block-III variants by the year of 2030.

There are only 9 countries in the World, which are using the revolutionary Mirage III ROSE Fighter Aircraft. The data released in 2009 suggested that there are about 600 4th Generation Mirage III Rose Jet that exists in the worldwide.

According to the details released by the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Group Captain Muhammad Farooq, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is closely collaborating with different friendly countries to upgrade the Mirage Jet for the ability to refuel in-flight both in day and night time.

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) also plans to equip the IFF system link in order to provide support to the Mirage Fighter Jet, when another hostile aircraft takes over its radar for target acquisition purposes.

Former PAKISTAN AIR FORCE CHIEF, Air Chief Marshal Shahid Lateef said that PAF Mirage Fighter Jet can be made usable for years by proper overhauling. CHIEF OF AIR STAFF (CAS) Shahid Latif added that PAKISTAN should replace these fighter jets with the equal performance fighter jet.

A leading Aviation expert told on the condition of anonymity that PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has the world’s largest fleet of French-made Mirage Fighter Aircraft in its arsenal, including the Mirage Five and Mirage-III Fighter Jets. PAKISTAN acquired these state of the art 4th Generation Fighter Jets after the 1965 war with india.

Currently, PAKISTAN is upgrading these 4th Generation Fighter Aircraft at an Operational Air Base. PAKISTAN has a long history of flawlessly managing and operating all its combat aircraft, including the Mirage Fighter Jet. In the same way, the overall crash ratio of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is negligible than its coward enemy, india.

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