PAKISTAN To Procure Radomes For TPS-77 MRR and YLC-18A Radars:

The Directorate of Procurement (Air) of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) has released a tender for the procurement of an undisclosed number of Radomes for its in Service TPS-77 MRR and YLC-18A Radars.

It is pertinent to mention that TPN-77 Multi-role Radar is a state of the art Surveillance Radar made by USA based Lockheed Martin, while the YLC-18A is a CHINESE Ground Base Air Defense Radar made by the CHINA Electronics Technology Group Corporation.

The Directorate of Procurement (Air) of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) has invited the responses from the concerned parties and companies by 1st April, 2020. According to the Tender issued on March 2020, the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE expects to start the working on the Radomes in just 3 months after signing the contract by a party or company.

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It is further revealed in the Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP) in the yearbook of 2017-18, that PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) had placed an order for the procurement of five numbers of CHINESE Made YLC-18A Ground Base Air Defense Systems to install in different strategic parts in the country.

It is important to mention that Radomes is basically acts as a structure that housed and protect ground base radar systems.

Earlier in November 2019, PAKISTAN Acquired the JY-27A Long Range and Anti-Stealth Radar from its Iron Brother CHINA. PAKISTAN has received the radar between 5th August and 29th August, 2020.

The JY-27A Long Range and Anti-Stealth Radar uses Very High Frequency (VHF) to detect low-observable or stealth fighter aircrafts, such as F-35 and F-22 Raptor from massive distance of 500 Kilometers in total. Moreover, the JY-27A can also easily detect the Rafale fighter jet, which india is getting from France in a couple of years.

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