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PAKISTAN To Receive Final Batch Of JF-17 Block-II Fighter Jets In June 2019:

More good news for PAKISTAN as the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) is all set to induct the final three Stealth Fighter Aircrafts of JF-17 Thunder Block-II. All the three aircrafts were manufactured by the CHINESE State Owned Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF). All the three aircrafts are equipped with stealth technology to avoid detection in radars.

JF-17 Thunder Block 3
JF-17 Thunder Block 3

The induction of the three aircrafts is the part of the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE order which PAF gave CHINA in late 2017. The said order also included for an additional 12 Platforms that are also underway at the CHINESE Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF). It is worth mentioning that the CHINESE Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF).

It is worth mentioning that the China State Owned Aircraft Manufacturing Factory has built more than 100 Strike Fighter for the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE since the induction of First JF-17 Thunder back in Nov, 2009.

PAKISTAN AERONAUTICAL COMPLEX (PAC) Kamra has manufactured up to Fifty Aircrafts of JF-17 Thunder Block-I and 62 Aircrafts of JF-17 Thunder Block-II till date which also included the 12 Aircraft of Block-2 which were ordered by the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE back in 2017.

According to the reports; PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has currently deployed 85 JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts of both Block-I and Block-II. All the 85 aircrafts are fit for operations.

It is worth mentioning that PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is all set to start the production of Next Generation PAKISTAN Fighter Aircraft as the JF-17 Thunder Block-III.

The said aircraft reportedly be equipped with the latest electronic and modern warfare equipment, HMD Sighting System and the aircrafts will also be housed with the latest CHINESE Made KLJ-7 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar System.

It is important to mention that JF-17 Thunder Block-III would be PAKISTAN’s First AESA equipped fighter Aircrafts that will also boost the operational and surveillance capability of the latter Air Force tremendously.

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