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Incompetence or Fear Of PAKISTAN And CHINA? india Reportedly Withdraws From KavKaz 2020 War Games Being Held In Russia:

Indian security forces are known worldwide for being the most incompetent, coward and unprofessionalism force in the world. In a recent development, india, who is the arch enemy of both PAKISTAN and CHINA, has reportedly withdrawn from Kavkaz 2020 Military Exercise being held in Russia from 15-27th September at Donguz Training range in Orenberg, Russia.

KavKaz 2020 Military Games in Russia
KavKaz 2020 Military Games Russia

india initially has given the nod to participate in the game, but later on take U-turn due to the presence of PAKISTAN and CHINESE Military Troops in the games.

Russian KavKaz 2020 is a strategically command-post exercise being held in Astrakhan Province in Russia and a total of 18 countries, except india, has confirmed their participation in the games.

These 18 countries participated in the KavKaz 2020 War Games, included PAKISTAN, CHINA, TURKEY, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Belarus, South Ossetia, Mongolia, Abkhazia and Armenia.

It is not first time that indian security forces have run off from any international war games in which the armed forces of both CHINA and PAKISTAN participate. india has a long history of being run away from major international competition participated by its arch enemies, PAKISTAN and CHINA.

Top Reliable Sources are confirming the reports that both the indian government and indian armed forces are afraid of both PAKISTAN and CHINA, so they don’t want to face the military forces of both the countries due to their cowardliness, fear and incompleteness.

The KavKaz 2020 War Games would take place in four major stages, including the Tsentr (Center), KavKaz (South), Vostok (East) and Zapad (West).

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All these districts are amongst Russia biggest Military Districts. So, Russia launches Zapad in 2017, Vostok in 2018, Tsentr in 2019 and KavKaz is all set to launch in 15-27th September, 2020. Β 

The word of exercise KavKaz 2020 is derived from the modern variant of the Caucasus or Caucasia, a region located in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea and divided between Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Armenia.

KavKaz region has a huge historical importance, as it is the home of the Caucasus Mountains, which is considered as the natural barrier between Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

Both PAKISTAN and CHINA have received an invitation of participation in KavKaz 2020 War Games as the member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

The recent situation in the CHINESE-indian border is quite tense due to the illegal ambitions of india to annex CHINESE legal territories of Galwan, Demchok, Pangong Lake and other key areas of the line of actual control.

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Incompetence or Fear Of PAKISTAN And CHINA, india Reportedly Withdraws From KavKaz 2020 War Games Being Held In Russia
Incompetence or Fear Of PAKISTAN And CHINA, india Reportedly Withdraws From KavKaz 2020 War Games Being Held In Russia

All these areas are the legal territories of CHINA, which india wants to annex in to the fragile indian union.

The international community has forcefully condemned the coward act of indian armed forces, which led to the serious situation into the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Reportedly, CHINESE Military Forces have brutally killed more than 25 indian soldiers with sticks and iron rods back in June 16, 2020.

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Moreover, dozens of indian soldiers are missing during the conflict and all have been declared as Missing In Action (MIAs).

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