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indian ex-general says ISPR Outclassed indian Information Warfare:

More humiliations for india to follow as the Ex-indian Military General has applauded the Information Campaign run by the PAKISTAN ARMY’s media wing ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) for adopting the best strategy in the domain of 5th Generation Hybrid Warfare against India.

Logo of PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR)

The former indian military General commended the PAK ARMY’s Media Wing and acknowledged that the PAKISTAN ARMY’s ISPR totally outclassed and humiliated the entire indian army information warfare campaign against the country.

The former Ex-indian General was speaking at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in United Kingdom (UK), on the occasion, Lt General (retd) Syed Ata Husnain says “I want to give full marks to the ISPR for the information strategy it has played out”.

The Ex-indian military General Lt General (retd) Ata Husnain, who has also served as the Corps Commander in indian Occupied KASHMIR, said that the PAK ARMY’s Media Wing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) performed its duty in a brilliant manner which has stunned not just the Indians, but also the pro-indian capitals of the world.

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Ex-indian General
Ex-indian General

On the occasion, he said that ISPR very-well performed its duty it’s for PAKISTAN by ensuring the detailed alienation of Kashmiri’s against the illegal occupant indian forces in the valley, adding, “If anyone has ever taught us [india] about the information operation it was the ISPR… it has done an outstanding job.”

Speaking at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, UK he accused the pro RSS modi Government for the indian false flag of Pulwama suicide attack in the indian Occupied KASHMIR, saying that the modi himself was totally aware of the fact that such Pulwama-like incident is going to taking place due to the indian Government’s lack of understanding of the conflict.

Lt General (retd) Ata Husnain acknowledged the bitter fact that the indian security forces as a whole made a lot of grave strategic mistakes in the last 30 years of so, but one of the grave blunder was to consider the military actions against the valley as a tool of Psychological Warfare, which has failed miserably and humiliated the indian security forces and indian government policies as a whole.

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According to the retired Ex-indian military General, the KASHMIRI Youth’s mammoth procession can be seen as the main evidence of Uprising Extremism among KASHMIRI People, adding that the policy of use of force could not solve the KASHMIR dispute and will add more humiliation to the india in front of the world.

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