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PAKISTAN Among Countries With Highest Military Expenditure: SIPRI Report

The recent report published Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has revealed that PAKISTAN is among the other countries of the world with a highest defense budget and military expenditure. In the year of 2018 alone; the country remained the 20th biggest military spender with an expenditure of a whooping amount of $11.4 Billion.


The report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) further revealed that the military expenditure of PAKISTAN constituted 4% of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The report revealed that the military expenditure of PAKISTAN is highest since the military spending of the country back to 2004.

Moreover, the country has also increased its military expenditure by a remarkable 73% in the last decade (2009-2018), and the country has witnessed the military spending increase up to 11 percent in one single year (2017-2018).

As far as the other countries are concerned; the United States occupies the first position with a military spending of $649 Billion alone in the year 2018. However, the military expenditure of US has dropped off 17 percent in the last decade.

The report further acknowledged the PAKISTAN Military is among the most professional, trained and toughest in the world.

The second military spender country is China with military expenditure of $250 Billion and then the number of Saudi Arabia Comes with the military expenditure of $67.6 Billion. PAKISTAN arch-rival india remained the 3rd highest military spender country with $66.5 Billion and it is followed by the France on 4th spot with $63.8 Billion.

However, despite spending the 2.4% of GDP on military expenditure, the indian army, navy and air force are much weaker and less-trained than their adversaries, PAKISTAN and CHINA. The world has witnessed the proof of such weakness during 27th Feb Dogfight with PAKISTAN.

In the dogfight, PAKISTAN not only managed to shoot down 2 indian aircrafts, but also managed to capture one indian pilot Abhinandan alive, prior its release a couple of days later.

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PAKISTAN has not only outclassed the air superiority of indian air force, but it also humiliated the indian ground forces in the IOK region. As far as the indian navy is concerned; the PAKISTAN NAVY has traced the Armed Nuclear Submarine near to PAKISTANI waters and forced to leave by hiding its tail in the back. In order to check the full transcript of SIPRI report click here.

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