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PAKISTAN ARMY Dispatched 49 indian soldiers To Hell In Retaliatory Firing In Dewa Sector Along The LOC:

The indian soldiers targeted civilian population along the LOC in unprovoked firing and injured 5 civilians by destroying their homes by mortar. In response to this indian aggression, PAKISTAN ARMY attacked an indian convoy in Dewa Sector along the Line of Control and killed more than 49 indian soldiers at the spot. More than 60 indian soldiers are also injured, which are licking their wounds after the attack.

indian army coffin main
indian army coffin main

“Intermittent CFVs by Indian Army continue along LOC, being befittingly responded. In response to CFV in Dewa Sector reports of damage to Indian posts and heavy casualties to coward indian soldiers. No major exchange of fire in Kiran or Neelum valley as being propagated by Indian Media.” DG ISPR said in a statement.

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This is the second highest rate of indian soldiers casualty in the recent week, as few days back, PAKISTAN ARMY killed more than 40 coward indian soldiers in different sectors along the LOC.

The Head of PAK ARMY MEDIA WING Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Said in a statement that the indian soldiers targeted civilian population along the Line of Control. In response to this aggression, PAKISTAN ARMY responded befittingly and attacked a convoy of indian soldiers in which more than 49 indian soldiers killed and 60 others injured in the attack.

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The Head of DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor also debunked the claim of indian media in Neelum or Kiran Valley along the Line of Control. DG ISPR Further said that PAKISTAN ARMY also destroyed several indian check posts and dozens of indian soldiers also killed in that attack too.

It is an old habit of coward indian forces to deliberately attack the civilian population along the Line of Control, because they can’t face the wrath of the Mighty PAKISTAN ARMY. If the indian soldiers continued this trend, then the casualty rate of indian dogs would go much higher than this and that’s for sure.


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