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PAKISTAN ARMY Killed 3 indian Soldiers Including A Subedar In Haji Pir Sector:

The coward indian security forces resorted unprovoked firing on Civilians. In retaliation, PAKISTAN ARMY destroyed multiple indian check posts and killed 3 coward indian soldiers like dogs, including a subedar in Haji Pir Sector along the Line of Control, PAKISTAN MILITARY Media Wing Head DG ISPR said in a statement.

indian troop coffin
indian troop coffin

Two Brave Sons of PAKISTAN, Naib Subedar Kandero and Sepoy Ehsan from PAKISTAN ARMY also embraced Shahadat in Dewa Sector along the Line of Control, DG ISPR further said in his statement.

The coward indian security forces have committed hundreds of Ceasefire Violations in the current year and PAKISTAN ARMY has killed hundreds of indian soldiers in retaliation.

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In the past two weeks, the Brave and Valiant Soldiers of PAKISTAN ARMY have killed more than 100 soldiers at different occasions in retaliatory firing along the Line of Control.

“indian CFVs along LOC during the last 36 hours. Responding to CFVs, in Haji Pir Sector PAKISTAN ARMY troops damaged indian post killing 3 indian soldiers including a Subedar, few injured too. In Dewa Sector Naib Subedar Kandero and Sepoy Ehsan of PAKISTAN ARMY embraced Shahadat,” DG ISPR said in his statement via Twitter.

There is a total chaos in india due to the disputed Anti-MUSLIM bill and violent protests have started in all the indian states, which have claimed the lives of 30 indians so far.

All the world media and human rights organization are raising their voice against this barbaric law and indian government wanted to divert attention of the local and international media with the help of another false flag.

The Defense of PAKISTAN is in strong hands and now the coward  indian security forces will even forget the utter humiliation and embarrassment of the Feb 27th Surprise Day, if they dare any aggression against this Sacred Country PAKISTAN.

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