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PAKISTAN ARMY Reintroducing The National Cadet Course After 22 Years:

It is an undeniable fact that the defense of any state constitutes the integral pillar of the country and is responsible for the security of the country against internal and external threats.


The Armed Forces of the country play an important role in defending the territorial integrity of the country in a war or peacetime. The same equation applies on the PAKISTAN also, as the PAKISTAN ARMY is the integral security pillar of the state.

PAKISTAN ARMY has earned the title of being the most battle-hardened army of the World and not only its soldiers, but officers too fought in the battlefield with a will, resolve, determination and bravery.

Usually, the integral security of the country rests with the police and other civil law enforcement agencies, but these organs have become totally useless due to politicizing.

Now, the secondary responsibility of securing and defending the country from internal threats, lies on the citizens of PAKISTAN, particularly Youth.

The National Cadet Course or NCC will allow the students of all colleges and universities to attain this training from the World’s best battle-hardened ARMED FORCES OF PAKISTAN.

PAKISTAN ARMY will provide the preliminary and necessary training to the youth of the country to tackle any unsought weird, challenging or emergency situation.

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It is pertinent to mention that the National Cadet Course or NCC is just like the civil defense course, but with the exception that the youth will also learn to fight with different weapons in a time of need.

This course was supervised by the PAKISTAN ARMY in all the academic institutions of the country 22 years ago and now the course is against restarted by the PAKISTAN ARMY.  The main purpose of the NCC is to support the local armed forces in time of war and act as a third line of defense of the country.

In order to ensure the internal security of the country, PAKISTAN ARMY is now reintroducing the renowned NCC or National Cadet Course after the span of 22 long years.

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All the enrolled cadets will be trained for up to 40 days. It is important to mention that this step of PAKISTAN ARMY has a lot of strategic importance, as it will not only help to share the burden of tackling the internal situation of the country by PAKISTAN ARMY. But it will also manage the youth of the country better prepare themselves according to dramatic changes in the regional security threats.

The National Cadet Course also constitutes additional 20 marks in Universities and colleges exams and nearly all the students want to get those number and nobody want to miss that at all cost.

This course was the time of need as PAKISTAN is in state of war for the last 18 Years and this course will help PAKISTAN ARMY to share a slight burden of national emergency situations on youth of the country.

On the other hand, all the YOUTH of the country also appreciates this decision very much and regards it as the need of the time. Not only the students will get a chance to get training from the most battle-hardened army of the country, but it will also allow the youth of PAKISTAN to strengthen their bond with their beloved PAKISTAN ARMY. This step would also cause sleepless nights for all adversaries of PAKISTAN, including india and israel.

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