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PAKISTAN Iron Brother TURKEY To Test Ukrainian ATAK-II Engine To Pave Way For PAKISTAN’s T929 ATAK-II Twin-Engine Attack Helicopters Acquisition:

PAKISTAN Iron Brother TURKEY is all set to Test the Ukrainian-made T929 ATAK-II Helicopter Engines, dubbed as TV3-117 Engine, to pave way for the acquisition of PAKISTAN’s T929 ATAK-II Twin-Engine Attack Helicopters, a reliable source said in an official statement.

TURKISH Defense Giant TURKISH Aerospace Industries or TAI has inked a deal with Ukrainian Defense Giant Motor Sich for the production of heavy duty and heavy class Engines for TURKEY’s Next Generation ATAK-II Twin-Engine and All-weather Attack Helicopter.

The General Manager of TURKISH Aerospace Industries or TAI Temel Kotil has revealed in the New Year’s greeting that the company is keenly observing the progress of the various projects with other companies.

The GM TAI Temel Kotil announced that the TURKEY’s T929 ATAK-II multipurpose 11-Ton attack Helicopter will start its engine and rotate its propeller in the ongoing year of 2022. After the successful trials, the Helicopter will make its first flight in 2023.

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It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN has inked the deal for the procurement for 30 numbers of ATAK helicopter, but the deal has been stalled due to the biased and unfair approach of the United States that refused to provide the Engines for PAKISTAN Next Generation Attack Helicopters.

After the biased approach of the United States, both Iron Brothers PAKISTAN and TURKEY look for the alternative options and PAKISTAN also extend the delivery timeline of the ATAK Helicopters for one year.

After that TURKISH Defense Giant TURKISH Aerospace Industries or TAI cut the deal with the Ukrainian Defense Giant Motor Sich for the production and supply of 14 numbers of TV3-117 Engines for TURKISH Next Generation T129 ATAK-II Helicopters.

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Salient Features of T929 ATAK-II Twin-Engine Attack Helicopters:

The next Generation T929 ATAK-II Helicopters can easily carry 1500 Kilograms of Ammunition, that is twice the weight than its predecessor T129 ATAK Helicopter.

The T929 ATAK-II Twin Engine All-Weather Attack Helicopter can easily be tasked with the Close Air Support (CAS), Armed Reconnaissance Surveillance, Air to Air Combat and Air to Ground Combat.

The T929 will also inherent some features and components from the T129 and T625 Gökbey Helicopters.

The TURKISH T929 ATAK-II Helicopters will also be packed with the asymmetrical weapons bay, digital cockpit, low infrared (IR) signature, high ammunition capacity, improved Avionics, Ballistic Protection System, Advanced Electronic Warfare and Countermeasure capability.

The T929 ATAK-II Helicopters will be equipped with the nose-mounted Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) Turret that also includes the revolutionary Target-Tracking Functionality.

As far as the Electronic Warfare and Electronic Countermeasure Warfare of the T929 ATAK-II Helicopter is concerned; the T929 ATAK-II Helicopter packed with the hi-tech Electronic and Countermeasure Systems, such as the Infrared/Ultraviolet Missile-Warning Sensor.

The T929 ATAK-II Twin-Engine All-Weather Attack Helicopters would also be equipped with the revolutionary and cutting-edge Tail-Mounted Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) System to jam the heat-seeking missiles of the adversary during the hybrid complex warfare environment.

The acquisition of such highly-advanced and cutting-edge T929 ATAK-II Twin-Engine All-Weather Attack Helicopters will significantly add the much-need punch to the Offensive Capability of TRI-ARMED SERVICES of the Sacred Country PAKISTAN against india, who is the arch rival and Enemy Number One of both Iron Brothers, PAKISTAN and CHINA.

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