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PAKISTAN To Participate In Strategic Military Exercise Center-2019 Being Held in Russia:

PAKISTAN ARMY to participate in the Strategic Military Exercise “Center-2019” being held in Russia from Sep 16-21, 2019. A total of seven foreign countries are participating in the Exercise, which are also the member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Center 2019 Military Exercise
Center 2019 Military Exercise

The names of the 7 countries are PAKISTAN, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and india are participating in the “Center-2019” military Exercise.

The Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the “Center-2019” would be held in two different phases or stages. In the first phase, the Central Military District will repel the aggression of illegal armed groups (Terrorists).

While in the Second phase, a ‘massive fire strike’ will be inflicted on the enemy. After that phase, the entire Allied and Russian Military Units will go on the offensive mode to crush the enemy.

The head of the “Center-2019” Military Exercises would be the Chief of the General Staff, Army General Valery Gerasimov. Different soldiers, regiments and battalions from the all eight countries would participate in the “Center-2019” exercise. 

Defense Analysts are claiming that the “Center-2019” Military Exercise would be used to counter the hold up of NATO forces in Russian Eastern Border.

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Reports of the reliable sources are suggesting that a part of exercise would be carried out in the chilling weather condition of the Arctic.

For this reason, the military personnel from all the countries will gain the experience of using the sophisticated military weapons designed solely for combat in the harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic.

For the purpose, the Russia will use its revolutionary T-80BV Gas Turbine Tank and several other all-terrain vehicles will also be tested in the Arctic during the Military Exercise “Center-2019”.

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According the details by Russian TASS News Agency, a total of 12,950 military personnel will be participating in the exercise. Amongst them, Russia will contribute 10,700 soldiers, while 2250 soldiers from the seven countries are participating in the exercise “Center-2019”.

As far as the military gear in concerned; up to 250 tanks would be used in the exercise, along with the 450 armored personnel carriers and infantry vehicles, and up to 200 different multiple artillery rocket systems and artillery system will be deployed in the different military ranges of the Russain Federation as Adanak, Chebarkulsky, Yurginsky, Aleisky, Ashuluk, Safakulavo, Donguz, and Totsky.

The most active phase of the “Center-2019” Military Exercise would be held from Sep 16-21. A total of 128 thousand troops, about 600 aircrafts, 15 Ships and more than 20 thousand units of military equipment would be used in the exercise.

The technical Teams of the Soldiers such as the Engineering Units of Western Military District (ZVO) will also participate in the upcoming “Center-2019” Military Exercise.

It is decided that the base of the grouping of all the troops will be troops of the Central Military District (CVO), which also includes the 2nd Guard Combines Arms Army of the Russian Federation.

In addition, different ships of the Caspian Flotilla will also be participating in the upcoming “Center-2019” Military Exercise. They will facilitate defense of communication equipment, land units and different areas of maritime economic activity.  

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