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PAKISTAN’s Hualong One Nuclear Reactor HPR1000 Successfully Completes Hot Functional Tests At Karachi:

PAKISTAN’s Hualong One Nuclear Reactor or HPR1000, being built at Karachi’s K2 Unit by PAKISTAN’s All Weather Ally and Iron Brother CHINA, has successfully completed the Hot Functional Tests (HFT), CHINA National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) issued an official statement on Friday.

The Hualong One Nuclear Reactor at Karachi is the very first overseas Nuclear Unit by using the CHINA’s domestic Hualong One Technology.

The outer containment dome of the K3 Hualong Nuclear Power Plant was successfully installed, with that, the main structure of the power plant was completed flawlessly and perfectly.

The recent successful completion of Hot Functional Tests (HFT) has laid a solid foundation for the next major processes, including the grid-connected power generation and nuclear fuel loading system.

PAKISTAN's Hualong One Nuclear Reactor of HPR1000 Successfully Completed Hot Functional Tests (HFT)
PAKISTAN’s Hualong One Nuclear Reactor of HPR1000 Successfully Completed Hot Functional Tests (HFT)

Hot Functional Tests (HFT) has a lot of significance and role in the overall construction of the Nuclear Power Project as it simulates the actual running conditions of the Nuclear power Plant in order to correctly ascertain the reliability of all its main systems and components operating under the designated thermal conditions. It is done before the Nuclear Reactor is loaded with the Nuclear Fuel system.

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Furthermore, the Hot Functional Tests also help for the comprehensive inspection on the overall quality and capability of Reactor Coolant System components, installation and manufacture of relevant systems and pipeline sealing and welding system.

CHINA National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is currently constructing up to six units at home and abroad, all powered by CHINA’s homegrown Hualong One Nuclear Technology, according to the strict International quality and Safety standards.

The No.5 Unit of CHINA’s Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant is the World’s first Nuclear project being constructed by using the CHINA’s Hualong One technology that also started the loading of Nuclear Fuel the same day.

It is pertinent to mention that Hualong One Nuclear Reactor, also known as HPR1000, is the state of the art third generation Nuclear Power Plant designed and manufactured in acceptance with the highest success ratio and credibility in the Global Nuclear Power Market.

Hualong One Nuclear Reactor is amongst the most high tech nuclear technology systems in the world that can easily compete the US based Westinghouse AP 1000 Nuclear Power Plant, GE Hitachi ABWR Systems and French EPR Systems.

Reportedly, One Hualong Nuclear Power Plant can generate up to 1,100 Megawatts of electricity, so the construction of these Nuclear Power Plant by PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother will significantly help to lower the much needed energy and power crisis in the Country.

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The Hualong One Nuclear Reactor is not only a manifestation of the Brotherly Ties between Two Iron Brothers, PAKISTAN and CHINA, but it is also a significant achievement of CHINA’s domestic Nuclear Power development.

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