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Shibli Border Surveillance System:

It is an undeniable fact the art of National Border Surveillance is considered as the Main Backbone of any Country’s security. It is also true that the total process involved in the Border Surveillance System is not so easy as it seems to, because of difficult terrains, unfavorable climatic conditions and other important factors chiefly account into any Country’s effective Border Surveillance System.

Shibli Main Logo
Logo of Shibli Optronics Manufacturer

In the old times, the Countries only rely on the deployed Border Protection Force Personnel for Surveillance purposes. However, this manual and physical deployment of troops also lacks the basic important factors of an effective Border Surveillance System as the efficient allocation of required resources, strategic detection of intrusion and time gathering of intelligence and information.

In recent times, every country’s Chief and Topmost Priority is its Country’s security to save it from internal and external threats. The risk of the Global Security evolves at a much bigger scale than the before, it is now the Primary Duty of any Government to allocate sufficient human and monetary security to ensure the effective Border Surveillance System.

It is the dire need of the time that Law Enforcement Agencies and Authorities now have to think out of the box and to devise the comprehensive Border Surveillance Strategies with the help of automatic control systems, devices and sensor, besides the troop deployment.

Our Sacred Country, PAKISTAN is also affected by the indian state sponsored and indian state funded terrorism over the years and the one of the main reason for terrorism inside PAKISTAN is the ineffective Border Management System.

Now, the Country’s Security Forces and Agencies have taken appropriate measures in this regard to stop the infiltration of indian state sponsored terrorism inside the country. PAKISTAN ARMY is also fencing the borderline between PAKISTAN and Afghanistan.

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Since PAKISTAN has taken appropriate and multi-faceted security measures along the borderline with Afghanistan, the rate of terrorism incidents in the country has significantly dropped at a lower level.

By the Grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, PAKISTAN is home to several state of the art companies equipped with the latest, advanced and cutting-edge technology. One of such Top Quality Company is Shibli.

Shibli is a state of the art International Company, which deals with the designing and manufacturing of the Sophisticated Security Systems according to the International Manufacturing Standards.

The Company is considered as Pioneer in designing and manufacturing the state of the art Thermal Imaging Security Camera and System according to the Highest Technological Standards. The Company also deals in designing and manufacturing of modern, up to date and state of the art Border Surveillance Systems.

Shibli Border Surveillance System:

Shibli is an International Company operating in PAKISTAN that is now offering its Valuable Services for the Effective and Smart Border Surveillance and Long Distance Area Surveillance System with foolproof safety and security.

Shibli Border Surveillance System
Shibli Border Surveillance System Illustration

The Border and Long Distance Area Surveillance System of Shibli is basically a user-friendly, ruggedized System that can easily take care of any Country’s Border Surveillance Needs.

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One of the distinctive and unmatched features of the Shibli Border Surveillance System is that it allows the users to monitor the sensitive areas remotely from a considerable distance with ease.

It means that User can easily monitor all its sensitive areas and installations such as coastal lines or Strategic Installations remotely by sitting at a particular distance from the actual area or site.

The Shibli Border Surveillance System features high sensitive extra long range and long range Surveillance Systems that can easily be installed to thousand Kilometers along borders without having any issues at all.

Shibli Border Surveillance System Working Mechanism:

The Shibli Border Surveillance System includes a fully-motorized Pan Zoom Camera that features complete 360˚ rotation. All the Cameras are connected to the Central Data Processing Room, which provide 24/7 round the clock live feed to the user.

Shibli Border Surveillance System Illustration

The Motorized Pan Zoom Cameras used in the Shibli Border Surveillance System can easily detect the vehicle from a massive distance up to 3 Kilometers and human up to 1.5 Kilometers. It allows the users to immediately go for the countermeasures, if anything unusual happens at the site or area. The Shibli Border Surveillance System has a field of view up to 108˚ in total.

The rugged cameras of the Shibli Border Surveillance System can easily be installed on any borderlines irrespective to the harsh and unfavorable environmental, climatic and terrain conditions.  

The Shibli Border Surveillance System includes the installation of state of the art 3 Pieces of SKUA LR Thermal Imaging Camera at each Kilometer, whereas Ground Surveillance Radars requires the installation at every 20 Kilometers in total. It means that any country can install the Shibli Border Surveillance System with this configuration in any borderline with ease. 

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The Motorized Pan Cameras used in the Shibli Border Surveillance System also feature the dedicated focusing and Zoom control, so it allows the user to easily zoom and focus on almost anything remotely. It means that all the users can easily control, zoom and focuses any vehicle or human from a considerable distance with ease.

Shibli SKUA Security Cameras
Shibli SKUA Motorized Rugged Security Cameras

Shibli’s Cutting-Edge Border Surveillance Systems are tailored to meet nearly all ranges of requirement and budget.

The Shibli Optronics manufacturer offers expertise in the domain of Border Surveillance System to design and manufacture the fully integrated Sophisticated Surveillance Systems in compliance with the requirements of the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). Moreover, Shibli also offered its services to optimize the installation, deployment and usage of its Border Surveillance Systems and other Technical Resources.

Salient Features of the Shibli Border Surveillance System:

  1. State of the Art and Modern Border Surveillance Systems
  2. Designed for the monitoring of the Border, Coastal Areas and Strategic Installation
  3. Round the Clock 24/7 Surveillance
  4. Both Night and Day Operation
  5. Ruggedized for harsh and unfavorable terrain, climatic and environmental conditions
  6. Features Dedicated Control for Focusing and Zoom
  7. Features Live Video Feed
  8. Fully optimized and Compatible with the Etherlink and Joystick Control
  9. Field of View is 108˚
  10. Features Human Detection from a distance of up to 1.5 Kilometers
  11. Features Vehicle Detection from a distance of up to 3 Kilometers

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