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We Are Prepared And We Are Ready:

Multiple reports are coming from the coward country india that the coward indian army has taken the control of the Amritsar airport from the local security forces.


Additional reports also suggested that the coward indian army had fortified the Amritsar air base be beefing up the security of the Amritsar air base by setting up several layer internal and external security measures.

Reports from reliable sources also suggested that the coward and zionists pilots of coward israeli air force also joined the war preparation at the Amritsar air base.

The coward israel had sent its armaments and coward pilots in india to join the expected upcoming attack of PAKISTAN’s AZAD KASHMIR after the self-triggered false flag of Pulwama Blast.

It is important to mention that the Amritsar Air Base is located in the indian punjab and it is merely 50 Kilometers distance from Lahore, which is the capital city of Punjab.

Furthermore, the Amritsar air base is just 100 kilometers away from the PAKISTAN Sialkot city bordering the coward india.

It has now cleared that all the 900,000 coward indian forces have failed miserably to control the flux and wrath of 8 million population of Valiant, Brave and Unarmed Kashmiris.

About the half of the coward indian army engaged and humiliated in indian occupied Kashmir despite the total lockdown of Kashmir for the past nearly two months.

Notably, the coward country of israel also fears the wrath and potential of PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES, because PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is the only MUSLIM AIR FORCE of the World, which has shot down both the coward israeli and indian fighter jets in air to air combat.

The Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE managed to humiliate the coward israeli air force during the Arab-israel Yom Kippur War.

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Message For Coward israel:

The name of the Brave and Valiant Falcon of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) who managed to shoot down israeli Jet in air to air combat was Commodore Abdus Sattar Alvi.

Commodore Abdus Sattar Alvi, who already gained the appreciation of the world by his gallantry and heroic deeds in the third PAKISTAN-india war in 1971.

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Pilot Commodore Abdus Sattar Alvi managed to humiliate and shot down the israeli air force’s Mirage-III Fighter Aircraft during the dogfight over the Golan Heights in Syria.

The Brave and Valiant Falcon of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Pilot Commodore Abdus Sattar Alvi was awarded the honored with the highest Gallantry war-time medal by both PAKISTAN and Syria for his Bravery in the war.

Since then, all the coward israeli armed forces scared by capability, professionalism and wrath of PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES and they don’t have enough courage to face PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES alone after that utter humiliation.

It was just the reminder for the coward pilots of israeli air force that the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE have previously humiliate and degrade you in front of the whole world and we can do it again with more force and power and no country in the world couldn’t stop PAKISTAN by humiliating and degrading the israel again like the case in 1970’s.

Now, the both the coward countries india and israel are coordinating with each other to carry out joint attack against the Great PAKISTAN.

Both countries are planning to attack all the major cities of PAKISTAN close to india as Lahore and Sialkot, which would only happen in their incomplete dreams.

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Message for Coward india:

The Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE have already humiliated and degraded all the coward indian armed forces in front of the whole world during the 27th Surprise Day.

The Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE manage to shot down indian SU-30MKI and MiG-21 fighter jets in air to air combat with the help of PAKISTAN’s indigenous and state of the Art Fighter Jet JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts.

All the coward  indian forces were stunned and humiliated by the rapid response of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE.

Now, the coward indian security forces have yet again fortified the Amritsar air base to indicate that they are preparing for war against PAKISTAN, what a joke of the century.

Both the filthiest countries of the world are again dreaming invading great PAKISTAN. The israeli pilots and security forces have also arrived at the air base to assist the coward indian forces to launch attacks against Great PAKISTAN, in their dreams.

For all those morons, who wishes to harm PAKISTAN in their dreams, that PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES are the most capable, potent, professional and Battle-hardened forces of the World.

PAKISTAN is a nuclear Power and possess different MRBM, Cruise and Ballistic Missiles with a range beyond 3000 Kilometers.

PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES have already made the necessary ARRANGEMENTS at all the strategically located cities and other installation right from Skardu, AZAD KASHMIR to Karachi, Sindh, PAKISTAN.

If the coward security forces of india and israel dare any misadventure against Great PAKISTAN, then this would be the last move of the indian and israeli security forces in their short history.

PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES will become the example of the israeli and indian country for the rest of the world.

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PAKISTANI ARMED FORCES are prepared to defend even an inch of their motherland and if the coward soldiers of israel and india dare any misadventure, then the cowardf indian armed forces will totally forget the humiliation of 27th Feb humiliation and coward Israeli forces will even forget the 26th April, 1974 humiliation.

It is important to mention that india was not alone in 27th February, 2019 by PAF, but the israel also. Yes, the pilots of israel were also present on the occasion and the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE humiliate both the filthiest countries india and israel altogether.

PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES have done it earlier at various occasions and PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES can do it again by the will of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

Now, Both MASJID E AQSA and KASHMIR will be Liberated by PAKISTAN ARMY in the upcoming Holy War of Ghazwa E Hind, INSHALLAH.

PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES are fully prepared and ready to spill the last drop of their Sacred Blood for the sake of this Sacred Country PAKISTAN.




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