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Your Time’s Up, PAK ARMY Tells RAW and NDS Funded PTM:

In a recent development, the PAKISTAN ARMY’s Media Wing DG ISPR (INTER-SERVICES PUBLIC RELATION) says that Time’s up for RAW and NDS Funded PTM and said that a legal action would be taken against the PASHTOON TAHAFFUZ MOVEMENT (PTM) and PTM will be held accountable for all its nefarious designs and Plans against the Great PAKISTAN.

ptm bastard rejected main
Picture of Bastard manzoor pashteen and head of treacherous PTM

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the Chief of ARMY STAFF (COAS) General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa has given the green light and instructions to take all the possible legal means against the treacherous activities of Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) and its founder the Bastard manzoor pashteen and other members, including 2 of its MNA’s.

The PAKISTAN ARMY’s media wing Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) that it has irrefutable proof that PTM has received fundings in terms of cash amount from the hostile indian and afghan intelligence agencies to malign the State and Security Forces of GREAT PAKISTAN.

He was speaking to the presser on the 29th Apr, 2019 and categorically warned the sold manzoor pashteen and other member of the treacherous organization PTM that the PAKISTANI SECURITY FORCES wouldn’t tolerate the nonsense and treacherous activities of the organization, if it continues its nefarious designs against the GREAT PAKISTAN.

PTM Exposed
RAW and NDS Funded PTM Exposed

The DG ISPR Major General Ghafoor said that the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) has given the clear instructions to act against the PTM according to the law and Rules and Regulations of PAKISTAN. He reiterated that “Everything will be done lawfully”.

DG ISPR Genera Ghafoor said that the PAKISTAN ARMY will leave no stone unturned to raise the standard of living of the PAKISTANI’s living in the tribal belt, but those who are playing in the hands of hostile intelligence agencies, “their time is up”, “there time is up”.

Referring to the demands of the bastard PTM so called founder manzoor pashteen, DG ISPR said that he himself had met with PTM leader MNA Mohsin Dawar, and they had only 3 demands.

NDS and RAW Funded Bastard PTM

The DG ISPR Major General Ghafoor said that the PAKISTAN ARMY has created the team of 48 Engineers to de-mine the area of the tribal belt and about 45 percent of the said area has been cleared from the land mines. However, on the occasion, PAKISTAN ARMY has lost 101 of its finest soldiers while cleaning the land from landmines. He said that the process hasn’t completed yet and will be completed after de-mining the area of remaining land mines.

Referring to their second demand, DG ISPR said that their second demand it to remove the check posts in the area. However, he said that Hundreds of PAKISTAN ARMY soldiers have embraced Shahaadat by the attack of the indian sponsored, indian funded and indian trained militants and if the all the check posts were removed, then it will create a serious law and order situation in the country.

ptm aghan indian nexus
Real face of PTM Bastards

Referring to the third demand of the PTM, DG ISPR said that their third demand regarding the missing persons. The list provided by the PTM has shortened to about 2,500 persons and the missing person commission is leaving no stone unturned to resolve the pending cases.

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However, on the occasion, he said that not all the missing persons are innocent and PTM had also cited the names of proscribed organization TTP Terrorists in the list. He said that War is Brutal and demands Brutal Actions in return to achieve desired results.

He said that there is a saying that Everything is Fair in Love and War and the days of PTM to raise funds through hostile intelligence agencies to start campaigning against the State and State Organizations is totally over now.

On the Occasion, the Military Spokesperson DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said that “On the Website of PTM, they got a separate section of Donations and the organization has taken hundreds of thousands of Rupees and Dollars from Pashtuns around the world.

On the occasion, the DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor asked the PTM to tell us that how much money you have collected from the indian RAW (research and analysis wing) and Afghan NDS (National Directorate of Security) to carry out the subversive activity against the State and State’s Premier Security Organizations? He asked from the PTM that how much money indian RAW has given the organization to carry out the first Dharna in PAKISTAN’s Capital, ISLAMABAD.

DG ISPR asked that all the innocent tribesmen who spoke in favor of the PAKISTAN’s ARMED FORCES got martyred in the house or market? Why such people got martyred? Why PTM leaders go into the houses of Patriot PAKISTANI Pashtuns to not speak in the favor of PAKISTAN’s Valiant Security Forces or threatening that their house will be demolished by the PTM if they did so.

PTM Killed PRO-PAKISTAN Innocent Tribesman
PTM Killed PRO-PAKISTAN Innocent Tribesman for Supporting PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES and Exposing the Agenda of RAW and NDS Funded PTM

He said that when one of PAKISTAN’s brave Son Superintendent of Police Tahir Dawar was kidnapped and taken to Afghanistan where he was killed in Afghanistan, and the Government of PAKISTAN demanded that the body of Tahir Dawar should be Hand over or PAKISTAN, then in what capacity PTM say that the Body of Slain SP Tahir Dawar should not be handed over to the PAKISTAN Government and the Body should only be given to the Dawar Tribe?

The Brave Son of PAKISTAN SP Tahir Dawar was kidnapped in PAKISTAN and after a period of three weeks his tortured body recovered from Afghanistan near PAK-Afghan Border and the indian funded proscribed organization TTP had claimed the responsibility of this barbaric act of terrorism.

PAKISTAN Military Spokesmen asked the PTM that Why the Afghan Intelligence Agency NDS has given you the funds to dharna and the funeral of Arman Loni, and why don’t you use the funds for the development of your area? When the Arman Loni Died, the postmortem report declared that he died due to cardiac failure and not from torture, then why you start maligning the Valiant and Brave Security Forces of PAKISTAN right from the first day?

There was a terrorist attack on the Cadets for Police Exam and 10 personnel of Security Forces embraced martyrdom while protecting the 800 students. The 10 martyred officers, including the personnel of Frontier Corps and Police. He asked the PTM that why you did not go to the NAMAZ E JANAZA of such 10 brave Sons of this Sacred Land and Why you don’t offer the GHAIBANA NAMAZ E JANAZA of 10 Brave Security Personnel in Afghanistan like you do the Arman Loni?

The traitor PTM leaders only offer the NAMAZ E JANAZA for Arman Loni because they have got the money from Afghan NDS to offer the Death Prayer of Arman Loni.

The Puppet Prime Minister of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has given a statement against the state institutions of PAKISTAN and why PTM has endorsed the Afghan PM Statement?

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The DG ISPR Major General Ghafoor then delivered a Special Pashto message to the Pashto Speaking Community of PAKISTAN, urging them not to be deceived by the other puppet people who are playing in the hands of Anti-Government elements.

He said that the so-called elected leaders of PTM don’t bother to go in their elected area and the local people say that they don’t come here. They don’t want to go to their elected area, but want to go to other parts of the country and World to malign the State Institutions of PAKISTAN, Why?

He categorically said on the occasion that “Those people who are taking funds from the hostile intelligence agencies and who are playing into the hands of others, I would like to tell them that their time is up. Their time is Up”.

He said on the occasion that “I would like to ask the PTM to provide another list besides the missing personnel of proscribed Tehreek e Taliban PAKISTAN (TTP), so that I could compare the both lists that if any missing person is actually sitting there in Afghanistan and enjoying the impunity of the Government of Afghanistan”.

Details of the Finances acquired by the Exposed Traitor PTM from indian and Afghan Intelligence Agencies:

Here are the details of few finances exposed by the PAKISTAN Military Wing’s Spokesmen in the presser. The notorious sold PTM has taken money from hostile intelligence agencies of indian and Afghan to do their dirty work in GREAT PAKISTAN. The detail of the few finances taken by the foreign intelligence agencies are as under.

  • The notorious  indian intelligence agency RAW has given money to PTM to carry out its first Dharna in ISLAMABAD against state and state institutions.
  • On the date of 22 March 2018, the notorious Afghan intelligence agency NDS (National Directorate of Security) has given a certain amount to the sold and traitor of PTM leaders to continue its agitation and movement against the state and state institutions of GREAT PAKISTAN.
  • On the date of 8th April 2018, the traitor and sold PTM leader manzoor pashteen relative with his friend visit the notorious indian consulate in Kandahar and the filthy indian diplomats gave them money to continue their subversion activities against the state of PAKISTAN and its institutions.
PTM foreign funding proof
PTM foreign funding proof
  • On the date of 8th May 2018, the notorious indian consulate in Jalalabad has given money to sold and treacherous PTM leaders to stage a protest against the State of PAKISTAN and its premier Security Institutions at Torkham Border.
  • In May 2018, the filthy indian diplomats gave money to PTM to carry out the subversive activities against the state of PAKISTAN.
  • On the date of 31st March 2019, the notorious afghan intelligence agency NDS has given money to PTM to carry out the Chehlam of Arman Loni and to stage a rally in Peshawar.
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India Shouldn’t Test the Resolve of GREAT PAKISTANI NATIONS and its VALIANT SECURITY FORCES:

At the same presser on 29th Apr, 2019; DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor had sent a clear message to the humiliated indian Government and Forces not to test the unshakeable resolve of PAKISTANI Nation and its Valiant Security Forces.


He said that “We gave a befittingly surprise to the indian side against their aggression on 27th Feb, 2019 and we are fully capable and prepared to give the reply and surprise to the indian again,” he said, that the PAKISTAN SECURITY FORCES did everything in the broad daylight in front of the world, unlike india.

Bloody faced indian captured pilot Abhinandan

DG ISPR further added that india must understand that this era is not 1971, referring to the indian coward act to form a separate country in the indian subcontinent with the help of indian sponsored Mukti Bahini bastards.

He said on the occasion that “We had showed the entire world media regarding to the facts of 27th Feb, 2019, whereas indian media was lying constantly for almost last 2 months or so”.

He further added that PAKISTAN is also ready to take the indian media to the so-called indian surgical strike spot in Balakot, if they want to. All indian claims were false and they were only the one in the world that believe they have conducted a surgical strike in the vicinity of GREAT PAKISTAN.


He further said that the PAKISTANI Nations and its Brave and Valiant Security Forces have seen a lot of terrorism in the country and the younger generation doesn’t even know that the same GREAT PAKISTAN was the role model of Development for the World in the era of 1960’s and 70’s.

The Valiant Security Forces of PAKISTAN had conducted a lot of Kinetic and Intelligence Based Operations (IBO’s) in the country and due to these operations, there is not a single functional indian sponsored and indian funded terrorist network or infrastructure exists in the vicinity of great PAKISTAN today.

The DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said on the occasion that PAKISTAN had not only conduct Kinetic Operations and Intelligence Based Operations (IBO’s), but also shared the key intelligence with over 70 different countries of the world.

He said that it was decided in the National Action Plan (NAP) that PAKISTAN is taking all the steps for the betterment of the whole society and there wasn’t even a single bit pressure of FATF recommendations or indian false flag Pulawama Attack.

Abhninandan Enjoying his Fantastic Tea
Abhninandan Enjoying his “FANTASTIC TEA” to celebrate his Capturing by PAKISTANI SECURITY FORCES

He said that there were also reports of attacks in the Pulawama region in the past on the occupant security forces of india and this is not a new thing. He said that Our Hearts and Minds are with our Kashmiri Brothers and it wouldn’t stop a bit by any means whatsoever. So, the indian planning to take the GREAT PAKISTAN under pressure went terribly wrong for india and it humiliates india not locally, but internationally as well.

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