PAKISTAN All Set To Increase Its Defense Exports Up To Three Folds In A Year:

With the help of PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother and All-Weather Strategic Partner CHINA, PAKISTAN All Set to increase its Defense Exports up to Three Folds in a  year. PAKISTAN has made fundamental changes in its Defense Industry Base for all-tri services of Armed Forces and now the country is all set to witness up to $1 Billion of annual sale.

According to the details shared by the top level PAKISTANI Official, the total Arms Exports of PAKISTAN have reached up to the mark of whooping $210 million alone in the fiscal year through June. The figure was almost gone double from $100 million of Arms Export sales two years earlier.

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The official further said that the recent surge in the Defense Exports is a clear indication of PAKISTAN’s desire of self-reliance and self-sufficient in sophisticated lethal and advanced weapons.

It is important to mention that PAKISTAN’s iron Brother CHINA has played a vital role in increasing the country’ Defense Exports.

The biggest share of the Arms Export goes to the PAKISTAN’s indigenous JF-17 Thunder Fighter with Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3. JF-17 Thunders is a 4++ Generation Fighter Aircraft manufactured jointly by PAKISTAN and CHINA. Top Defense Analysts are claiming that the manufacturing of JF-17 significantly helped PAKISTAN to boost is Defense Exports in such short span of time.

PAKISTAN has closed the successful deal for an undisclosed number of JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircrafts to different countries, including Nigeria. PAKISTAN has also started the mass production of the JF-17 Thunder Block-3 variant with more advanced armament, avionics, and electronic countermeasure systems. The JF-17 Thunder Block-3 is a 4.5++ Gen Fighter Aircraft, which can easily compete the F-16 V Variant in terms of agility, performance and armament.

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PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is very active in the Defense Exports domain. Reportedly, PAKISTAN has also closed the deal of 52 Numbers or Super-Mushak Trainer Aircrafts to its Brother TURKEY back in 2017. Later, TURKEY also agreed to buy 1000 numbers of 1000 PK-83 General Purpose Bombs from PAKISTAN to fulfill its domestic needs.

PAKISTAN is now manufacturing the Fighter Aircrafts, Main Battle Tanks, Submarines, Ships, Frigates, Armored Vehicle and precise munitions, which clearly indicates that PAKISTAN has now clearly all set to for the export of Medium to Heavy Level Defense Exports to other countries.

Top Level Defense Level Analysts are claiming that PAKISTAN has gone beyond from just a manufacturer of small weapons and now the country eyeing for big-ticket items.

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