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Newly Built Stealth Warship PNS TABUK Joins PAKISTAN NAVAL Fleet After Commissioning Ceremony At Romania:

Newly built Stealth Warship PNS TABUK joins the PAKISTAN NAVAL FLEET after the commissioning ceremony held at the Black Sea Port on the coast of Constanta, Romania on November 12, 2020, PAKISTAN NAVY Director General Public Relations (DGPR) Rear Admiral Arshid Javed said in an official statement via the official Twitter Handler.

PNS TABUK Warship is built by the Romanian-based DAMEN Shipyard. The commissioning ceremony of PAKISTAN NAVY’s PNS TABUK Warship held at the Black Sea port on the Constanta, Romania.

PNS TABUK Stealth Warship is the second newly built Warship being inducted into the Arsenal of PAKISTAN NAVY after the induction of previously inducted Stealth Warship PNS YARMOOK. Reportedly, both the state of the art Warships are constructed by the Romanian-based Damen Shipyard.

Newly Built Stealth Warship PNS TABUK Joins PAKISTAN NAVAL Fleet After Commissioning Ceremony At Romania
Newly Built Stealth Warship PNS TABUK Joins PAKISTAN NAVAL Fleet After Commissioning Ceremony At Romania

It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN Ministry of Defense (MoD) has signed the contract for the construction of two warships with Damen Shipyard back in 2017. According to the contract, Damen has to deliver both the Warships to PAKISTAN in 3 years as of 2020.

The M/S Damen Shipyards Romania signed an agreement with the PAKISTAN MoD for the procurement of two numbers of state of the art Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) for PAKISTAN NAVY.

The first warship of the contract, PNS YARMOOK, has been inducted into the fleet of PAKISTAN NAVY earlier this year. It means that now both the newly constructed Warships, PNS YARMOOK and PNS TABUK, have been inducted to the Fleet of PAKISTAN NAVY and are fully ready to undertake offensive operations in open seas.

The newly constructed and newly inducted PNS TABUK Stealth Warship is highly versatile warship capable to conduct various maritime operations and it is also fully capable to host the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and a Multirole Helicopter as well.

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Apart from a Multipurpose Helicopter and a Drone, the PNS TABUK is also capable to launch two Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)

The newly inducted PNS TABUK Warship is a multipurpose vessel equipped with the highly adaptable platform and it is packed with the state of the art and cutting-edge electronic warfare, anti-ship, anti-air weapons and sensors. For protection and self defense purposes, the warship is equipped with the highly reliable Terminal Defense System along with Modern Self-Protection Suite.

According to PAKISTAN NAVY, the main purpose for the addition of these newly constructed Stealth Warships would “act as force multipliers in enhancing navy’s capability of safeguarding maritime frontiers and will offer more flexibility in the conduct of [the] PAKISTAN NAVY’s initiative of independent Regional Maritime Security Patrols in the indian Ocean Region.”

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While addressing the Commissioning ceremony of PNS TABUK Stealth Warship, the Commanding Officer of PNS TABUK Captain Muhammad Umair stressed the significance of inducting the newly acquired Stealth Warships into the Fleet of PAKISTAN NAVY.

The commanding officer also added that PAKISTAN NAVY has integrated additional capabilities to its system and sphere of operation to induce these potent warships into its arsenal.

The commanding officer of newly acquired PNS TABUK also highly lauded and appreciated the professional competence of Damen Shipyards in constructing and delivering the lethal warships for PAKISTAN NAVY in a timely manner.

While speaking on the occasion, the Managing Director of Damen Shipyards, Flemming Sorensen said, “Damen has been involved in many projects in PAKISTAN since 1986 and we are very proud of this long-lasting and trusting cooperation.”

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He further added that the credit for the phenomenal success of the project goes to both PAKISTAN and Romania.

PNS TABUK Commissioning Ceremony
PNS TABUK Commissioning Ceremony at Gulati, Romania

“Such an achievement is only possible with good coordination, skillful workmanship, excellent teamwork and good cooperation between all parties involved. Despite the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, the PAKISTAN, Romanian and Dutch project teams have managed, with perseverance, to continue their work to successful completion.” Flemming Sorensen further added.

The commissioning ceremony of PNS TABUK Stealth Warship was attended by the Senior Officials from PAKISTAN NAVY and Romania, including Chief Naval Overseer (Romania), Crew of PNS TABUK Warship and Top Senior Management of Damen Shipyards, Galati and Gorinchem.

It is pertinent to mention that Damen Shipyards has built more than 40 vessels for defense and security purposes, including the Offshore Patrol Vessel for Romanian Border Police and Complex Naval Vessels for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

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