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One PAKISTAN NAVY Submarine Fooled the Entire Naval Fleet for 21 Days:

The term humiliated is better known by the coward and incompetent indians as they are earning humiliation both days and nights from their deeds and performance. The coward indian government finally admits that the entire indian fleet was failed miserably to locate and trace one PAKISTANI NAVY Advanced Agosta-Class Submarine PNS SAAD.

PAKISTAN Agosta 90-B Submarine Somewhere in Arabian Sea
PAKISTAN Agosta 90-B Submarine Somewhere in Arabian Sea

The coward indian navy also used the advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare Capability Aircraft which they acquire from the US, but it also fails to locate the ‘VANISHED’ PAKISTANI Submarine in indian waters for 21 days. The entire indian naval fleet was running and searching the PAKISTANI NAVY Submarine like the rabid dogs, but failed miserably.

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The PAKISTAN NAVY Advanced Agosta-Class Submarine PNS SAAD could easily reach to the coastal areas of Gujrat in just 3 days and it could even reach into the indian western fleet in just a matter of 5 days and therefore the coward and incompetent indian navy has seen ‘VANISHED’ PAKISTAN NAVY Submarine as a major and a high-level threat to the security of the entire india.

The incident came after the indian false-flag of Pulwama attack, the coward indian navy deployed its entire fleet, including Frigates, Ships, Submarines and Advanced Maritime Surveillance Aircraft P-8Is in the coastal areas of Maharashtra, gujrat and other states to locate and trace the PAKISTANI NAVY Submarine which almost ‘VANISHED’ by entering into indian territorial waters.

Furthermore, the incompetent indian navy also used potent assets as the newly-acquired Nuclear Submarine INS chakra and Scorpene-Class Submarine INS kalvari for the same, but none of the Submarine could track the path and location of PAKISTAN NAVY Agosta-Class Submarine.

To add more music to the drama, the coward and incompetent indian navy also used its advanced satellites to track the submarine, but all the  indian efforts go in vain. The indian navy also took the steps to use the military force against the Submarine, but the coward indian forces failed like in their nefarious designs.

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Previously, PAKISTAN NAVY has also thwarted the attempt of indian navy Submarine from entering the PAKISTANI Territorial Waters, forced the indian submarine and its coward indian navy crew to make its way towards indian waters. PAKISTAN NAVY also forced the indian submarine to show on the surface.

However, after the extensive rough and tough search for all long 21 days, the coward indian navy claims they finally track the ‘VANISHED’ PAKISTAN NAVY’s advanced Agosta-Class Submarine in PAKISTANI Waters near Karachi.

The video released by the PAKISTAN NAVY shows that the indian submarine, which shows on the surface started to change its direction to the indian territorial water after the utter humiliation by the GREAT PAKISTANI NAVY.

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