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PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF Expressed Full Satisfaction Over Operational Preparedness of PAKISTAN NAVY:

The most important Command and Conference of PAKISTAN NAVY held at the PAKISTAN NAVAL HQ in Rawalpindi on Wednesday 30th October, 2019. PAKISTAN CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi chaired the Command and Staff Conference.

During the most important conference of PAKISTAN NAVAL Commanders, different issues related to operational preparedness, regional and global security, training of troops, development of PAKISTAN NAVY and different projects related to the Welfare of Troops of PAKISTAN NAVY came under discussion.

Moreover, a detailed briefing on the ongoing and future projects and plans of PAKISTAN NAVY given to the CHIEF OF NAVAL Staff (CNS) Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi.

PAK NAVY Command & Staff Conference
PAK NAVY Command & Staff Conference

Reportedly, the CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF (CNS) Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi expressed his full and deep satisfaction over the Operational Preparedness of PAKISTAN NAVAL FORCES and PAKISTAN NAVAL FLEET and the PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF also appreciated the recent core and fundamental changes in the fleet organization.

We must have a firm belief that ALLAH ALMIGHTY is enough for Us and He is the only guardian.” CNS Admiral Abbasi further said during the meeting.

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Referring to the recent grave situation in indian Occupied Kashmir (iOK), PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi said that PAKISTAN will continue its state policy to pledge its complete support for the rightful and the just struggle of the Brave Kashmiri Brethren till the logical conclusion of the issue as per the aspiration and wishes of Brave KASHMIRI People.

CNS Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi said that PAKISTAN NAVAL FORCE and PAKISTAN NAVAL FLEET is all time ready and prepared to respond to any misadventure from the coward neighbor india.

Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi reaffirmed the strong determination, will and resolve of PAKISTAN NAVY to defend even an inch of the Maritime Frontier of this Sacred Country PAKISTAN.


The CHIEF of NAVAL STAFF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbais said that it is the prime responsibility of PAKISTAN NAVY to adopt highest professionalism, training and combat skills besides strong moral character.

It is important to mention that the Command and Staff Conference of PAKISTAN NAVY is the Supreme Decision and Policy Making body of PAKISTAN NAVY. All the Field Commanders, Principal Staff Officers, Solders and other officials of PAK NAVY participate in the Command & Staff Conference of PAKISTAN NAVY.

The PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi interacted with the officials during the meeting and gave detailed answers to their questions.

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