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PAKISTAN NAVY Celebrates 49th Hangor Day For Sinking Indian Warship INS Khukri And Damaging Of INS Kirpan:

PAKISTAN NAVY is celebrating the 49th “HANGOR DAY” to Rich and Glorious Tribute to the Ultimate and Decisive Success of PNS M HANGOR for sinking indian naval warship INS Khukri and severely damaging another named as INS Kirpan during the PAKISTAN-india war in 1971, PAKISTAN NAVY DGPR Rear Admiral Arshid Javed said in an official statement via official Twitter account.

PAKISTAN NAVY celebrates the HANGOR DAY as it is the reminiscent of unwavering commitment, resolve and unmatched courage shown by PAKISTAN NAVY’s Submarine Hangor during the PAKISTAN-india 1971 War.


It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN NAVY PNS HANGOR Submarine shows unmatched resolve, commitment and dedication and it was the only kill since the World War-II that any Conventional Submarine has sunk state of the art Warship of indian navy.

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PAKISTAN NAVY Celebrates 49th Hangor Day For Sinking Indian Warship INS Khukri And Damaging Of INS Kirpan
PAKISTAN NAVY Celebrates 49th Hangor Day For Sinking Indian Warship INS Khukri And Damaging Of INS Kirpan

“A special documentary released by #PakNavy on Hangor Day to pay tribute & highlight achievements of PNS/M HANGOR which sank INS KHUKRI & crippled INS KIRPAN in the 1971 war, the only kill by any Conventional Submarine since WW-II,” DGPR NAVY Rear Admiral Arshid Javed said in an official statement on the official Twitter Account.

It is pertinent to mention that PNS HANGOR Submarine of PAKISTAN NAVY that attains decisive victory in the 1971 PAKISTAN-india war. Not only the gallant action of PNS HANGOR Day manages to humiliate all the dignity and pride of indian navy by sinking state of the art indian navy warship INS Khukri and damaging other indian navy warship named as INS Kirpan.

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It was also the strategic overture of PAKISTAN NAVY in the 1971 PAKISTAN-india war and it also help to effectively thwart the aggression of the indian navy.

The PNS HANGOR Submarine performs this heroic action at the Southeast of Diu Head on the West Coast of india. This successful event for destroying the indian pride and the warship is characterized as the one and only successful kill being undertaken by the a conventional submarine after the WW-II.

Moreover, after the destruction of its 2 state of the art ships, the indian navy used all its asset to track and locate the PNS HANGOR Submarine, but failed miserably in doing so. This is the reason that PNS HANGOR remained undetected and it successfully returned to the NAVAL BASE at Karachi after the successful completion of its mission.

In recognition of the unwavering resolve and immense courage of the Commanding Officer Ahmed Tasnim and his Professional Crew, PAKISTAN NAVY awarded 4 x Sitrara-E-Jurrat, 6 x Tamgha-E-Jurrat and 16 x Imtiazi Asnad,.

In recognition of heroic act, crew of HANGOR was decorated with 4 x Sitara-e-Jurrat, 6 x Tamgha-e-Jurrat & 16 x lmtiazi Asnad. A symbol of bravery & resilience, the PN Submarine Force is Alhamdulillah strong & determined to always strike at the enemy. DGPR NAVY added.

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