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PAKISTAN NAVY Hold Biennially Tri-Services War Games Shamsheer-e-Bahr VII and Tarseel-e-Bahr II in Karachi:

PAKISTAN NAVY holds biennially Tri-Services War Games Shamsheer-e-Bahr VII and Tarseel-e-Bahr II in Karachi. The opening ceremony of both the exercises held at PAKISTAN NAVAL Headquarter in Karachi.

Shamsheer-e-Bahr VII is basically a Tri-Services war game, whereas the Tarseel-e-Bahr II is logistic exercise, which includes the movement of fuel, ammo and other necessary items and secure the supply line during the war.

The Chief Guest of the Ceremony was President of PAKISTAN, who was warmly welcomed and received by PAKISTAN NAVAL Chief Admiral Zaffar Mehmood Abbasi.

The opening ceremony of Shamsheer-e-Bahr VII and Tarseel-e-Bahr II attended by the PAKISTAN NAVAL Chief Admiral Zaffar Mehmood Abbasi.

During the ceremony, Deputy Chief of PAKISTAN NAVAL Staff Operations, Rear Admiral Faisal Rasul Lodhi presented an overview of Shamsheer-e-Bahr VII war games and Tarseel-e-Bahr II logistics exercise.

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The Rear Admiral Faisal Rasul Lodhi further give details about the exercise that Shamsheer-e-Bahr VII is the Flagship war games of PAKISTAN NAVY that held twice each year.

The main purpose of the exercise is to try various war concepts, strategies and methodologies in a war like scenario before being incorporated into Naval Strategy of PAKISTAN NAVY.

Speaking on the occasion, the President of PAKISTAN appreciated the presentation of the PAKISTAN NAVAL Force commanders.

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He underlined the significance and operationalization of Multi-Billion Dollars CHINA PAKISTAN Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Gwadar Port. He further said on the occasion that PAKISTAN’s arch-rival india is trying its level best to sabotage the CPEC and Gwadar port with the help of indian state sponsored terrorism in PAKISTAN.

The role of PAKISTAN NAVAL Forces in protecting and securing the maritime frontiers of PAKISTAN and to protect the billion-dollar economic projects in the country is very important.

The President of PAKISTAN further said on the occasion that the indian attempt to illegally annex the disputed Kashmir Territory by force could have serious implication on the regional security.

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The prestigious event was also attended by the large number of PAKISTAN ARMED Forces officers and other high dignitaries from different walks of life.

PAKISTAN will oppose this illegal indian move with all nail and tooth at all possible forums. He further said on the occasion that the recent illegal actions of india in Kashmir have put the security of the world at risk.

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